ARM UKRAINE NOW! To defend Freedom.

We sent them some ammunition and small arms. Now, they need the big stuff. Let's get it done!

English Language Message Direct from President Zelenskiy of Ukraine

This was released on Twitter this AM.  Please share, contact your member of Parliament or Congress.  We MUST do this.

On Youtube...


It is very important that we get this done.  Germany has a bunch of tanks, and Canada has some aircraft (we bought those used Australian F-18's, right?), and USA has every damn weapon system there is.   We need to get this heavy hardware into Ukraine - NOW.

Nothing else matters.

To understand the technical nature of Putin's Terrorist strategy, read this detailed BBC report:

(It is carefully researched, well documented, and difficult to read.  It's called "Collecting the Dead in Bucha".)

The Putin Terror War against Ukraine is designed to inflict maximum pain and psychological harm on the Ukrainian people, as a Nation.   This is Terrorism as an advanced science.   It is designed - using carefully crafted methodology of horror - to destroy human feeling.

Putin's Regime in Moscow must be destroyed, at any cost.  

You have to go back into ancient history, to find evil like this.  Honestly - the European Nazi's of the mid-20th century were very bad - but they were not this kind of focused-evil bad.  They wanted to consolidate and control - not just degrade, hurt and destroy national identity.

It is important that the Forces of Freedom - really all of global humanity - join together to destroy - to absolutely and completely erase - Vladimir Putin and his sadistic, evil henchmen.

This requirement transcends all politics and nationality.

The Russian Terror War in Ukraine Changes Everything

The Russian State Lie Squads, and Putin himself claim the Bucha Atrocities are fake, or were done after Ukraine recaptured Bucha. This is a proven lie - the British Defense Intelligence Satellite photos - from March 21st - prove the Russians did the killing - just as hundreds of eye-witness accounts from Bucha indicate.

The key takeaway here, is that nothing Russian State operatives say now, can be trusted to be truthful. This makes a sinister scenario.

Zelenskiy, the Ukraine president, is correct. The United Nations is a failed institution, as it now is being used to protect the interests of a rogue Nation-State of sadistic killers.

The Terror War that Vladimir Putin's fascist military killers of Russia have unleashed on Ukraine changes everything.   The atrocities being carried out in Ukraine by Russian invaders is a terrorist exercise similar to what ISIS did in Syria.  The World military forces must assist the Ukraine military.

We have no choice, but to be at War with Russia.  Putin must be arrested, and put on trial for mass murder.  He is evil - a liar and a sociopath operating at the highest level of crafted deception. 

Youtube and most other social-media, and all independent news services are now banned in Russia, as of April 5th, 2022.   Our little website might not be blocked.   So, we post truth of what is happening in Ukraine here, so maybe we can be a tiny agent of corrective change.

The Western World - Europe especially - must assist Ukraine, and help them repel this astonishing evil invasion that Russia is doing.   Most Russians have been electronically blinded, and are not even aware what is taking place in areas in the north, around Kyiv and in the south, where Mariupol is being systematically destroyed by constant bombing.  

This horror and madness that Russia is doing, will echo forward now, for the next 100 years, and will poison our World, unless we all act to stop it now.

World Gone Mad - A Military Strategy

What is going on in Mariupol is an organized crime by Russian military, on the scale of what Adolf Hitler's military did to the Jews of Europe.

The dead civilians who have been murdered by Russian bombing, number now over 5,000, instead of 5 million. The tally of innocent people murdered by Putin is still less than Hitler's score - but we are only at the beginning. Once the nuclear bombs are used - probably against Russia - then we expect the Putin score to exceed Hitler's.

The World cannot ignore this insane nightmare. Most of beautiful Mariupol is in ruins. This atrocity did not need to happen. It has happened because we have weak, ineffective leaders, and a broken and worthless United Nations.

The current Putin Gangster Group controlling Russia, must be removed and ended by any means possible.

To delay further, will only cost more lives later. This exercise in mass-murder cannot be allowed to stand. It is not warfare, it is just terrorism and mass-murder by forces of pure, extreme evil.

None of this sadistic, murderous idiocy needed to happen. Full on war with Russia is now something that cannot be avoided, no matter what Western leaders say. We should strike them now, and strike them hard, and plan to buy some warm overcoats and iodine pills.

[ May 3, 2022 ] - America & the Western World Need to Focus Better - The Democrats are trying to do the right thing, with arms shipments to Ukraine for it's self-defense against insane Russian murder-squadrons of "Zombies" out to kill "Nazis".   Good for Ukraine.  They need to win, and win big.  Russian forces are delusional, and Putin is an old fashioned evil tyrant who needs to be dealt with.

But the Democrats of USA need to get their act together, and stop acting like they are also insane.  Old nutjobs like Bernie Sanders should be sent off to Florida Nursing Homes or somewhere safe, where he cannot make the Democratic platform look like a ragbag of insane, mouth-drooling retarded idiocy.   Bernie is *demanding* that the Democrats in Washington pass legislation making it a legal-right for women to kill their babies.

Bernie - it's a shame that your own mother did not scrape you out of her inner place.   JHC, what a nutbar crazy world!

What kind of sick-crazy madness is driving the Democrats in USA?   I seriously think that much of the Democrats policy platform in USA-land, might be the result of a carefully-crafted exercise in mass political destabilization.    I honestly do not know who or what is behind this madness - but to have some gray-haired goofball who gets big airplay, and is a sure to be put into the news (like a Senator Bernie Sanders, for example) **demand** that USA Democats pass legislation allowing women the legal right to murder the children they are carrying inside themselves, is complete madness.

What sort of sane person, would want to vote for a political party that essentially encourages women to kill their own children?

The nonsense & foolish talk by unwise, badly educated "Democrat" law-makers in the USA is deeply disturbing and dangerous.  Most of the "Squad" do not even understand how their own government and legal systems are designed to operate.  If you want to learn and be enlightened, read this most excellent article - which does not even offer an opinion on 'Roe vs. Wade" - but it is the key to what the Supreme Court of the USA is doing:

We are not Catholics, and are not driven by any superstitious or religious impulses.  But all creatures - even lesser mammals, fish, birds and even some insects - typically ensure that their offspring get born, and obtain quality care.  This is just basic, rational biological necessity.

What the USA Democrat Party is doing - having these strident geriatric loons and arse-poking gayboys driving their "weird-sex and kill-the-unborn-children" political agenda, is just way, way beyond silly and bad.   "Where is this madness coming from?", we wonder.

The Republicans will be able to run *anyone* who is sane, basically *anywhere*, and just look semi-rational, and they will eventually be able to takeover the entire political process.  But this requires them to also be rational and sane, and ... this might not actually be possible.

It really looks as if some background dark-force or group of clever/evil social-programmers, are trying to destroy USA.   Seriously, I am not making a silly "birds are not real" conspiracy-theory argument here.  There is just too much insane, way-over-the-top idiotic madness driving politics in USA now.    All this woke-faggot weird shit is like nasty political porn.  Just  google or duckduckgo the "state of the art" of modern porn, and it is not at all about good old plain fun-fucking anymore - it is a horrorshow of crazy weirdness, like a madhouse of some German nightmare, or a Bosch painting of Hell.   (Seriously, go look.  Modern internet porn is not even erotic. But it mirrors the world-of-politics pretty closely, which is curious and disturbing...)

The world has always had extreme crazy-shit, just below the surface. 

But in USA-land, this pure crazy shit is actually *driving* the Democrat Party now, and setting their political platform.  Really, it honestly is.

Regardless of your political or religious beliefs, it probably should be illegal for a pregnant female to kill her unborn child, just because she wants to.

There should probably not be any ***legal right*** to getting an abortion.

Why not make **suicide** a legal right?  That at least makes sense.  But as for killing your unborn child, that is clearly not a decision that a pregnant female should have on her own.  At least let the pregnant woman, the doctor, the father, and anyone else who is a family-member, at least have input into the decision to abort a living foetus. 

The USA Supreme Court is probably right to strike down the "Roe vs. Wade" idea, that women can have sole authority over the decision to kill their own children.  

Bernie Sanders should retire, and go golfing with Donald Trump down in Florida.   He should be pushed off the political stage.   His time is over, as he sounds clearly insane, and is doing terrible damage to both the Democratic Party, and the USA as a nation.

Bloody hell, an analyst has to go back to 6th-century Justinian and Theodora  (a tyrant-boss and a whore-dancer-showgirl who became a princess-queen by marrying the boss) who together ruled Byzantium (year 521 to 548) - the weird (Eastern) side of the collapsing Roman Empire - to find this sort of foolish-awful political hellhole of internal mud-fighting, failed warfare efforts, sex-scandals and stupid, bad, self-destructive action.   (Hint:  Read Procopius and his "Secret History.")

It is now time for some sanity to come back into the modern political view-frame. 

We need to wise up, and get ready to fight the Third World War.   (Which we hope can be avoided - but given the pure-evil of the Russian actions, we suspect it has already begun.  Really and honestly.  We will have to fight, defeat, and repair the Russian Federation.  This will have to take place, even if it means we have to risk full nuclear war.    The silly squabbles of the Western World must end now, and we all must focus our efforts much, much more better.  )

[ May 1st, 2022 ] - Olga of Kyiv & No Future for Kids of Russia- Olga - Ruled in Kyiv, around, 900 AD.  We are deep in an analytic-historical study.  It began with Hannibal Barca of Carthage (considered by many researchers to the be greatest military strategist and General of all time), and we detoured to a history of Babylonian military history, and have come thru a horror-show of weaponry and tactics, up to Soviet weapons technology of the late 1980's.  It is a long strange trip, to say the least.   We found Olga of Kyiv, and her defeat of invading Russian barbarians from the "North" particularly interesting.   Nothing in history really changes - except the technology, which gets more nasty as the epoch's flow.

We now also understand why Xi of China is being so insane about the national demands for "Covid Zero" style lockdowns.  We suspect that street-wise fellow has direct knowledge of *exactly* what Covid-19 virus is, how it was designed, how it was manufactured, and how is explicitly programmed to evolve.  (We have observed detailed research on how the Omicron variants are morphing at a curiously rapid evolutionary pace.  More on this later..)

In Ukraine, Putin is going "full Hitler", and a newspaper that was formatted and sent for printing on April 30th, and is dated May 2nd (tomorrow!), has all this "news" in it, detailing fake terrorist attacks, which require poor little Moldova to "mobilize".  It is complete, textbook example of shit-fake "false-flag" pretexting nonsense, but it is what we can now expect from the low-wattage bulbs at the FSB.  (the successor org. to the KGB - these are the boys that put Novochok neural-poison into Navalny's undershorts.   FFS, what a world...)

This site is in cyrillic Ukrainian, but you can highlight text, and run it thru Google translate, and get good English out.  It is fascinating.  Putin's goons are printing two-day forward newspapers, with pure absolutely fake news and the Ukraine Intelligence folks monitor this garbage, which will be used as pretext for more Russian military-gangster activity.

This nonsense is beyond-the-pale awful and tragic-comically stupid.  But what is so interesting, is that it is good-enough for Russian people.   It is not that Russians are stupid - it is that they are mostly all seething with anger, and are happy to do *anything* to focus that anger.

It makes us think that perhaps the entire Ukrainian murder-madness, is a cynical, awful project to remove an entire demographic cohort of Russian youth.  "Feed them to the cannons", (as the Brits used to say...)  and so reduce to zero any chance of them taking to the streets of Moscow to demand Putin's head.   Putin is preventing a violent overthrow of his regime by the angry, violent kids, who know they have no future at all, in Putin's Russia.  

So, Putin arranges for them all to be killed.

[ Apr. 29, 2022 ] - Panzers for Ukraine!  - The Germans have modern Panzers.  And Ukraine needs *many*.  So the Germans are discussing lend-leasing a bunch of "Panzer-Howitzers" to Ukraine, to help the Ukrainians in their desperate hour.  We think this is a *very good idea*.  Congratuations to German leader, Herr Scholz.  We hope this good plan can be carried out quickly.  Russian military forces need to be removed from Ukraine.   No other outcome is acceptable or in any way correct. 

The translation of the text on the photo (which is in the Ukrainian language), is as follows:

--- (translation of Ukrainian text, on photo of PZN 2000)

  "We are negotiating with various partners to provide effective support to Ukraine - also in the field of artillery. There are various options that are currently being considered, "  said a spokeswoman for the German Defense Ministry.

--- (end translated text)

Germany once used its military to do bad things.  Now, it can use it's military to do very good things - like defend democracy and human freedom.   The world changes.  This is good.

It's time for Russia to change.  Nothing like a big military defeat to make a country re-think exactly what it's place in the world should be.   We should all help Russians gain this necessary educational benefit.  They need to remove Putin, restore sanity and free-speech to their nation, and become wise and honest people again.  This current insane murder-madness must stop.

Here is another BBC story, about a murdered female journalist - killed in her Kyiv home:

Putin is killing our women.  This is very human-basic.  We must end this murderer now.

[ Apr. 25, 2022 ] - King Arthur's Tools - Part Le Deux... - I had not realized how much of this is public.   This little marketing clip, is from back in 2016.  It shows how the existing ship-board Navy guns can (and have been) upgraded with extreme precision, very long range, dynamic vectoring "rounds".   This tech is *very* cool - at distances around 40 to 50 klicks away, you can eliminate a murder-squadron of killers in rapidly-moving kill-vehicles - tanks, BMRs, trucks, or even stolen cars (a typical Russian vehicle of choice.)

(Don't ya just love the imaged video clip?  Destroying a *boat* in a desert? )   Key point here, is that the programmed "air-burst" technology, is even more effective against a truck-load of goons.

The Amazing Stupidity of Switzerland

We read that the Swiss are unwilling to supply RheinMetall (the suppliers of Marder tanks), with the needed artillery rounds - because fucking Switzerland has a *law* that prevents them from transferring military technology to any country involved in combat.

Is it possible to fukcing imagine anything more fucking stupid?

This is exactly the same as a pharmaceutical company being unwilling to provide medicine to sick people, or a nation-state government making it illegal for Doctors to help soldiers who are wounded in battle.    It is perfect, insane madness.

Simple Solution to Swiss Stupidity:

This fuck-stupid situation has a real simple solution:  1): Germany immediately passes a law, indicating that export-permits from other States are not required, in emergency situations, and declares the Ukraine invasion by Russia as an "emergency situation".   (In Canada or England, we would use an "Order In Council", so you don't have to waste time chit-chatting in the legislature.)  Problem solved.  Rheinmetall already has the projectile rounds - they can then just ship once German law allows this, and the Swiss can go fuck themselves.  And the desperate Ukrainians can have a better chance at defending themselves from the advancing forces of pure evil.

And thus 2):  Dump the shit-for-brains Swiss as suppliers if anything military at all.  Or at least in future have each contract designate: "We have FULL AUTHORTY - as Buyers - to do ANYTHING WE WISH with your product once we own it."  If the Swiss disagree, tell them to fuck off.    Ideally, Swiss product should not be used, if there are any product restrictions.    Consider using suppliers in Poland to make the needed ammunition, or fabricate it within Germany.    The Polish firm FB Radom might be a choice, which could consider tooling up for this project.   Polish weaponry is as good as Swiss, and the Polish are not as stupid as the Swiss are being.

But the idiocy of Swiss law, that prevents shipment of military equipment and supplies and materiel to places where a military emergency exists, and it is desperately needed right now is absolutely beyond the pale stupid.   

It is curious how this kind of insane, stupid *sh/t* actually gets into the world.   One would expect this kind of law to be laughed at, and hooted off the public stage, when some fuckwit suggests it.   Strange and so very curious that it was not...

[ Apr. 24, 2022 ] - King Arthur's Tools - Canada is providing Ukraine with some 155 mm vectoring artillery.   Very cool stuff, and we can talk about, because it's public.  Raytheon is a very cool company.

Accurate.  As my public school teachers used to say:  "Neatness counts."  ( I'm a messy writer.)

[ Apr. 23, 2022 ] - Arriving in Las Vegas - Spoke at length with an old friend in USA, who moved to Nevada.   Californistan got too crazy for him, and he and is wife built a house in Vegas.   It is nice, warm in the winter, and hot in the summer.   They come North, in the summer.   Nevada is an interesting State.  You can go to the range, and play with an AK-47, an run it on full-auto (which gets expensive, as anyone with a self-funded full-auto metal-thrower knows...).   Another friend, had a chat with him, he just returned from somewhere east of Eastern Europe.   They rescued a friend, who needed medical treatment.   Tough times for good people.  Certainly proves we are on our own now.

Evil prospers and does well, and good people fail, suffer and die.   Truly, I belive there is nothing more insane than religion.   But little can be done about this kind of madness.  People seem to need to believe weird shit that is provably wrong.  Perhaps the pain is too great.

Hard to grasp why this needs to be the case, isn't it. 

[ Apr. 22, 2022 ] - Mrs. Rotter's Lullabye - "I gave up my seat at the bar, and I headed for the door..."   Clang. "We shout out these songs, to the clang of electric guitars...."    ( I liked "Counting Crows" a lot.  But modern economics and warfare are making me crazy, I fear...)

Fack... I am reading about "Modern Monetary Theory", some of the most bone-stupid nonsense since Marxism.  MMT says that government fiscal deficits don't matter, and that you can pump up the money supply, no problem, without getting inflation.  Ok, sure.  Listen - MMT is like... (how to describe it?)  Try this:  It falls into the class of algorithms that work really great, until, suddenly, they do not work at all.

Like this: You find a bunch of dynamite, and nice long fuses.  Assume everyone knows what this stuff is.  You stick a blasting cap, and a nice long fuse, into your stick of dynamite, and you drive down the road, waving it around.  Everyone who sees you, gets out of the way, and moves in the opposite direction.  You think:  "Fuck! This is great!  I have discovered the secret to traffic problems.  I can drive around, no traffic!  It's great! "   And for a while it works really good.  You wave your lit stick of burning-fuse dynamite at everyone, and they see it, and move away from you so very fast. You are wildly successful, driving around, getting quick service at the store, going into the bank, where they give you money to leave right away, and so on.   Wow, what a great algorithm!  You think you are a genius.   (Do you recognize this phenomenon???)

But eventually, your fuse is burning down, and you pay it no mind. 

In this algorithmic process, everything works really, really good for you, until the very moment when it does not work well at all.

This is the very ESSENCE of MMT.   Fuck, you stupid government & central-bank clowns, try to understand this.  The process you are playing with is VERY NON-LINEAR.   Ka-Booom.

Just like this fucknig goon-psycho Putin, who is determined to destroy the world, to lengthen the view of his soft penis and sagging chest.   It is a time of madness, magnified to absurd extremes, like they talked about in the other times of great, extreme transitions.   Freud told us, and so did Jung.  So did Procopius.  We are screwed, I fear.   If we use the really modern high-tech stuff, then the genie will be out of the bottle, and everyone will know what is possible.  So we have to let bad things go...  This feels so wrong.

I once went to Colorado.  Colorado Springs, actually.  Met a girl there, and we rented a car, and drove away and had an adventure.  Airstream trailers, in the southern desert...  She was a very fine girl.  I really like fine girls.   It was maybe the best time I had in my whole life.  Funny, how we remember these curious things, when deep in a pile of work, and it all looks terminal...    "The days grow short, when you reach September..."   --- "To live's to fly - all low and high."  Thanx, TVZ.  (Like Lucky's speech in "Waiting for Godot"...).   Never forgotten you, Theresa.  You were pure magic joy.  A thousand years from now, someone finds this archive:  "Listen!  We lived!  And it was good!"

A Really Beautiful Kill:

This is a really fucking sweet kill - just a perfect thing of beauty.  Here is a Russian murder tank, being taken out at over FOUR klicks away - just a lovely kill, at a distance that almost exceeds what is possible - except it was possible, because it got done.  Details are not provided, to protect the defenders of Ukraine:

This was over 4 km away from launch, so it shows that Russian murder-monkeys and their murder-wagons, are not safe anywhere in Ukraine.  You drive into Ukraine with a kill-vehicle, you *will* die, eventually.  It might not happen right away, but many, many good people, all around the world, are working hard to make sure it *will* happen at some point.

[ Apr. 21, 2022 ] - Madness Takes Control - Yes, everything really is broken.  People are acting crazy.    It is very, very strange.   What ever has happened to our collective ability in the Western World, to get stuff done? 

It seems to have been wrecked by the Left.   We maybe need to do something about this. 

We have Trudeau in Canada, and Biden in the USA, and between the two of them, they seem to want to destroy all this sensible stuff that we had, that actually worked pretty good.  Biden cancelled critical pipeline projects, Trudeau and the B.C. Lefties have made it impossible to build pipelines and terminals to export liquified natural gas, which for our economy and resources, and the demand in Asia (and now Europe), is something we *really* should be doing, and doing at scale.   But we just cannot seem to get anything done, anymore.

It is silly here, and it is worse in the USA.  In the USA, it is becoming insane - literally *millions* of Covid-infected, poor-people & criminals are flooding across the southern US "sort-of-border", and they go to San Francisco and other big cities, where they occupy (with AK-47's) the city.  This happens while "woke" Leftists want to "defund the Police" and claim that the honest, property-owning gun-owners are "white racists" and are really the big problem.  The Democrats in the USA are buying into this stupid "woke" bullshit, teaching gay-life in public schools, and then act surprised when they discover this crazy nonsense is destroying their thinking and their party.  The Hard-Left in the USA is truly insane.

Biden cancels a critical pipeline project that would have helped USA and Canada work together to have energy self-sufficiency, and shuts down leases on Federal land, that could be used to find and harvest the oil that is there.   The whole "Green-Nazi" climate-change fake crisis is used to justify stupid-silly and self-destructive economics which supports and emboldens Russian aggression and Green-Nazi economic de-stabilization.   The fucking gasoline price in Canada is almost two dollars a litre!  And diesel fuel is even more.  This is just silly.  This is a basic input, and will explode our production costs everywhere.   We are fucking-up our own economics, raising taxes on fuel and taking extreme economic action, for fake "climate-change" global-warming bullshit that is nothing compared to the true risk that Putin's Russia represents.

We just had a very standard-average very cold winter, and Spring is STILL coming the same way and at the same time it always has.  Except now, the petrol is twice the fucking price it needs to be, because of bogus "Climate Change" taxes and bad government policy choices.   This is fucking bullshit.   And it is bad economics.

This guy in this note says it clearly:  America is becoming a distopian "La-La Land", and the evidence seems to support him:

There is no reason we - the entire Western World - could not oppose Putin's military horrorshow with a firm hand - and some big warships and big action using high-tech weapons.   We just say: "Guy, your actions are illegal.  Have your army exit Ukraine, or we will offer direct assistance to the Ukraine Government, to destroy your invading army.  Ok?  Clear?  And if you launch or use any nuclear weapons, we will also.  Do not do it."

And then, we just create a standard "Highway of Death" for Russian murder forces inside Ukraine.  The Russian invaders are in Ukraine illegally.  Our actions would not be a war, just a basic "UN-Authorized Police Force" effort, doing a necessary job.   No reason why we could not do this.

But we strangely cannot.  The fuck-stupid Lefty children have created this fake-shit-idea that we cannot take action, for various fake-shit reasons that are made up to allow murder-monkey horror-shit to happen to the Ukrainians.  And this is just so fucking wrong, it is insane. 

The world seems now to be divided between the stupid and the cruel.  

We must correct this.  This governance model is just NFG (No Fucking Good).

[ Apr. 20, 2022 ] - Horror Fiction - We are living in a "Black Swan" - the very blackest we have seen.   We are offside, but are electing to hold our positons, due to the inflation scenario.  Stocks are not a great inflation hedge, but they are not bad, and our dividend streams and other revenue is holding up well.  And our real-estate holdings are going vertical-ballistic.  It is a very, very strange time.  We were well tee-ed up for this sort of madness, because I have studied history.   This insane war shit, seems to be a built-in characteristic of human society.  Not sure why.  Maybe it is the "reptile brain" taking charge, in guys like Putin.  Had a long discussion yesterday with a medical guy, about the nature of "Long Covid" and how it can do neural damage.  We believe that Putin has suffered neural degradation or damage - but not enough that it is always obvious.  

In my mind's eye, I see Putin as "Captain Queeg" -  doing that scene from the "Caine Mutiny", where Bogart goes on about disloyal officers, the stolen strawberries and the key to the food locker.   Watch this scene - it is Putin, seriously:

[ Apr. 18, 2022 ] - Putin Kills Cities, Kills Russians, and Kills His Navy / Путін вбиває міста, вбиває росіян і вбиває свій флот! -

Путін вбиває міста, вбиває росіян і вбиває свій флот! - Знищення «Москви» є прямим результатом Володимира Путіна та його божевільної війни. Образи «Москви» перед її затопленням трагічні. Але вона була розміщена в центрі, щоб запропонувати радіолокаційне покриття південного прибережного регіону України, і вона допомагала вбивати українські міста та мирних жителів. Вона здійснила перехід від військового корабля до знаряддя терору та масового вбивства невинних, і тому вона заслужила свою долю. Ми щиро сподіваємося, що росіяни незабаром зможуть усунути Володимира Путіна. Корабель під назвою «Москва» знищено. Ми щиро сподіваємося, що Путіна вдасться усунути, а його терористична війна закінчиться до того, як сама Москва спіткає подібну долю. Чесно кажучи, ця путінська людина не має уявлення про страшні, руйнівні сили, які він вивільняє. Він думає, що він сильний, а західні нації слабкі та дурні. Це просто неправда. Це більше брехня Путіна. Путін знову робить Росію синонімом ЗЛА в нашому світі. Це просто нерозумно, неправильно і сумно. Путін стоїть на купі черепів. Але історія показує, що це на диво поширений результат. Тому ми всі повинні вжити заходів і підготуватися до боротьби з цим жахливим злом.


The destruction of the "Moskva" is directly the result of Valdimir Putin and his insane war. 

The images of the "Moskva" before she sunk, are tragic.  But she was positioned in a central location, to offer radar-coverage of the southern littoral region of Ukraine, and she was helping to kill Ukrainian cities and civilians.  She made the transition from warship, to an instrument of terror and mass-murder of innocents, and so she deserved her fate.

We truly hope the Russians can remove Vladimir Putin soon.  The ship named "Moskva" has been destroyed.  We truly hope that Putin can be removed, and his Terror War ended, before the city of Moskva itself meets a similar fate.  Honestly, this Putin person has no idea of the terrible, destructive forces that he is unleashing.  He thinks he is strong, and that Western Nations are weak and foolish.  This is simply not true.   It is more Putin Lies.   

He will destroy Russia, if he is not removed.  His war against Ukraine is idiotic madness - like a man attacking his own left hand.  NATO was becoming a bureaucratic non-entity, and there were plans in North America to make Europe pay for it's own defense needs.  NATO was dying.

But now, Putin has made NATO into a new force, and the horrors that we are all seeing in Ukraine, means that POWERFUL political forces have been mobilized, to ensure that defense spending increases and military preparedness will be massively enhanced.  NATO is needed and will get all the money it wants, now.

War is now upon us. 

We see what it looks like.

And we see what happens if we do not oppose EVIL.

Putin is making Russia the synonym for EVIL again, in our world.

This is simply foolish, wrong, and sad.   Putin stands on a pile of skulls.  

But history shows it to be a curiously common outcome.   So we all must take action, and get ready to deal with this terrible evil.

[ Apr. 15, 2022 ] - Once Upon a Time, The Good Guys Knew How to End War Tyrants - Here is a link to an Archived Documentary Film - but made like an action movie - by both the British Government Ministry of Information and the Hollywood Film industry - in 1944, while the Second World War was still raging.   When the fascist shit really hit the fan, and it looked like half the world could fall into an ugly pit of tyrannical hell, the FREE DEMOCRATIC NATIONS of the planet, got their shit together, and began the work together to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.   It's a really well done film.  Below is a direct link.  Look...

Apparently, some re-enactment scenes were filmed by a young director named John Huston.  But the film is all historical fact.  We just discovered this gem, while doing some research.  Why was North Africa so important?  Because of the oil.   Once Hitler's gang lost the oil fields of Libya, they were done.  No "blitz" in their "krieg" without their petrol-burning war machines.  The tank drivers during the "Battle of the Bulge" carried hoses to siphon fuel from any vehicles they could find.

Details re. this Pubic Domain documentary:

(the typo for "Restored", as the word "Restoted" is part of the correct URL Also, the streaming from the site does not work well, so it is often better to download the film as an .mp4, and watch it using "mplayer" or whatever media=player your machine uses.  It is a good film, despite it being shameless propaganda - since the war was still on in 1944, and it was necessary to show that a co-ordinated, and difficult-won victory had been achieved.)

We all did this once. 

For many of us, it was our fathers and our grand-fathers who actually were in this fight.  My father was a very young lad, in the RCAF.   He was a bomber pilot.  In a real bomber aircraft - not a car-driver like some "bombers."   And my mother was part German.  Her father was German, and he signed up to fight FOR the Canadian military, and AGAINST Hitler's facist murder-gang.  I have a picture of him in his uniform.  He has a serious face in that image.  In my father's pictures in his Air Force uniform, he is almost always smiling.  He was very young.

War is really not about your race, or religion or nationality.   It is about what is right and true and honest - and what must be done to maintain human freedom in the World.  

My partner is Japanese, and her father fought for Japan in Manchuria, China.   He knew and said to others that the war was stupid and wrong, but he went and did what he was told, because that was what a young man did then, when he was conscripted by his nation-state.

What Putin has done in Ukraine is evil and stupid and wrong - regardless of how well his lies play among misguided and dis-informed Russians. 

This war is moving close to home for many of us now.  I spoke with a friend yesterday, who is travelling with others today, first to somewhere in Eastern Europe, and then to somewhere that must not be disclosed, to try to bring out an injured friend.    We often disagree on politics when we chat - but in this shitstorm of Putin's madness, every fucking one of us, are on the same side.  

I told my friend how goddamn proud I was of him, for doing what he and his guys are going to try to do.   We talked of politics, and I said we all have to choose sides now.  He disagreed, and said he is not choosing sides.  But I said he was - he is on the side of his friends and buddies, and has decided to try and help one of his buddies who is in trouble.  

That is a good side to be on.   It seems like the right side.

This is why we have to help Ukraine, and the people who are fighting a perfect-storm of evil.

Everyone will be in this fight, eventually.  Every. Single. Person. On. This. Planet.

[ Apr. 12, 2022 ] - The Emerging Details From Bucha Prove Putin Is a Terrorist Killer- What is interesting, is that Vladimir Putin really, honestly, is a dangerous, world-threatening terrorist.   The Ukraine Terror War is a planned, designed, explicitly-crafted exercise in pure civilian-killing terrorism.

This was not "bad soldiers running out of control".   This was a planned exercise in brutal terrorism, designed to crush Ukranian national identity, and inflict mass pain and horror on a significant group of non-combatants, so as to obtain a political objective. 

Putin is using *exactly* the same tactics that ISIS used in Syria.   Many of the Russian "soldiers" (a term we use lightly), are "veterans" of the "Syrian exercise", in which similar horrific action took place. 

It is the weirdly awful human weakness that old Joe Biden showed to the world, when American forces "cut and ran" from Afghanistan, that seems to have been the trigger that has allowed Putin to engage this astonishingly awful exercise in human horror.  We truly feared the results of the Afghan withdrawal.  America never looked so poor & weak as it did then.  The Americans ran away in the night - and abandoned a fine nation-building project that was actually working pretty well.  The results have been tragic.

Putin is doing this insane exercise - because he can.     Something has *toggled* inside that man's head, and he has successfully projected an unwell-person's false world-view, blocked all open communication with Russian people by using KGB-style "information confrontation" on his nation's media, and created this bizarre climate of mass-hatred that has allowed this idiotically awful war to proceed.  He is now a lonely, angry old man, full of his own truly twisted hate. 

This is one of the very worst human nightmares that can occur.  We have a truth-blinded and degraded nation, dominated by a hate-filled angry old man, embarked on a mission of mass-murder, driven by his own madness, and determined to crush anyone who stands in his way.   The whole thing is like a bad historical drama, by a cold, hungry writer.

Except it is really happening.   In Mariupol, little remains on the honest, elected government - amid the rubble and the ruins.  But the Mayor is still there.  He indicates that over 20,000 civilians have been killed in the bombing of his city.   Think about that for a second...  *twenty thousand people* - and the entire city destroyed. 

It is criminally insane for the rest of the World to stand back, and not send military forces to help Ukraine defend it's own lands.   We all are at risk, from a nuclear-armed nation-state that is willing to destroy a city, just so it can have a customs-free "land corridor" to it's other piece of stolen property.   The lack-of-action by the European, American and other military forces of the world, is just so weirdly wrong, that it is curious.  

We will have to engage Russia, go to war with them, and risk a nuclear conflict.  The Putin Regime, with it's "spy-murder-men / war to destroy cities / lie-lie-lie" political model is just not something the world can tolerate.   If it takes a nuclear war to end this, then that price must be paid.  

The nation of Ukraine will *never* be part of Russia after this.  What Putin's gangsters have done now in Ukraine cannot ever be forgiven or forgotten.  I never expected to see anything this awful insane - Nation-state organized terror &  mass-murder at scale - against ordinary modern people just trying to live their lives.   We thought this Hitler+Nazi stuff was in the past.  But Putin and Lukashenko have found Hitler's corpse, dug him up, and climbed into his skin, together.  The Ukraine Terror War is horror like in ancient times.

This absolutely changes everything.    We believe there is a very high probability that full-on war with Russia will have to take place, unless major regime-change can occur in that country.  Given the nature of Putin, and his murder-spy governance model, we do not believe this will happen internally.  So, we suspect that World War Three simply cannot be avoided.   What is curious, is that China will likely be our ally.

We should probably get started on this project while it has a chance of being doable, and has a good chance of success.  If we wait, the costs and the scale of destruction will be much greater.  We are certain of this.

And we must realize - there will be a significant number of Russians - who will be willing to fight FOR a Free Russia, and AGAINST Putin.   Our enemy is not Russia or the Russian people - it is the Putin Gangsters, and the terrorist-killers he has carefully and explicitly enabled.

[ Apr. 7, 2022 ] - German Defense Intelligence Intercepted Radio Messages from Russian Forces Describing Real-Time Killing of Civilians - Russian military radio traffic was monitored by German spy agency, as the mass murders of Ukrainian civilians in Bucha was taking place.   This is old-fashioned SIGINT - Signals Intelligence - spys listening to radio traffic.  This time, it has confirmed the Russian military chit-chatting about questioning & then killing civilians as part of their invasion actions.  Details were reported by German media group "Der Spiegel" - result of an intelligence briefing by the BND to German political persons.

(this African site below carries a difficult pictures - a group of dead civilian bodies - and a closeup of a dead woman's hand, with what appears to be a fingernail torn off.. )

[ Apr. 6, 2022 ] - Zelenskiy, President of Ukraine, is Correct - Russia must be removed from the UN "Security Council" and designated a rogue, terrorist entity, the same as ISIS was.  

Zelenskiy is correct, when he says that Russia, and Putin's terrorist military, are no different than the ISIS terrorists. The Bucha atrocities are beyond even what ISIS did to it's civilians.  The Russian FSB Lie Squads - with their "Information Confrontation" strategies of deception and false-accusations, cannot succeed in their attempts to create doubt about this horror.  There are just too many corpses, and too much explicit evidence of the horror, and too many destroyed houses, mass graves, bodies in the streets, and eye-witness accounts of exactly what took place.

Of course, since the Russian state entities have nuclear weapons, they are a hundred times worse than ISIS.   The existence of Russia as a terrorist entity, threatens us all.  Nothing Russian government entities say can be trusted now.

The World cannot have a nation-state like Russia operating within it's midst, anymore than we could have Hitler's Death Camps and slave-labour factories still operating in Poland and Germany.

All Russian ports should be blockaded, and any Russian ships or aircraft should be siezed or embargoed, until regime-change occurs.    Russia as it exists now, must be ended, and replaced with new people in it's government.    Technical methods should be deployed to make this outcome occur.

The events in Bucha are only the beginning.  What is taking place in the south of Ukraine, where the coastal cities are being destroyed, is possibly even worse.

There is no justification whatsoever for this outrageous terrorism and horrific mass-murder that is taking place.  It is visible from satellite images, for god's sakes - and yet the Lie Squads in Moscow pump out their absurd cascades of deception.

I wish Ron Reagan were here.  He once joked, to test a microphone:  "I have just today signed legislation outlawing the Soviet Union.  The bombing will start in 5 minutes."  That was a jest. 

But now, of course, we could replace the words "Soviet Union" with "Russian Federation", and Ron's course of action would be considered fine, noble, necessary and justified - by all right-thinking people of integrity and honour.

At the very least, it is time for international military units to be deployed into Ukraine to assist the Ukrainian military, and repel the horrific terrorist assault that Ukraine is now facing. 

Mark these words:  If the World does not address the Russian Federation as the terrorist entity that it clearly is - now, when it can be shut-down with a solid show of co-ordinated force by Europe and North American forces - we will have to deal with an even greater and more awful Russian aggression and mass-murder in the near future.

There is no reason that NATO or the Allied Democratic Nations of the world need to sit on their hands, and not assist Ukraine in it's awful hour of need.  Putin is an abusive, sadistic bully and a traditional thug-leader.  Other nations have produced these kinds of abusive, dishonest leaders in various historical periods.  The key is to shut them down, with allied force.

Now would be good time to stand up to this ugly evil.   If Putin uses nuclear weapons, then we have our chance to effectively and completely disable this rogue terrorist state - and make the world a vastly better and safer place.

It is better to do this necessary confrontation NOW, rather than wait for the Russian terrorist monster to get stronger, and even more dangerous. 

Realize:  Nothing that Russian entities, spokesman, diplomats or Putin himself says or asserts, can be considers as true or accurate.   They are using a cascade of "information confrontation" deception, and the everything about the Ukraine Terror War confirms the truth of this assertion.

Russian information cannot be trusted.   Nothing they say can be trusted.   They - explicitly, as a matter of strategy - seek to create doubt, and use over-the-top lies as a technical methodology of information warfare.

We should do all we can to have our confrontation now, and begin the process of de-militarizing the Russian Federation.   They are evil, cruel, dangerous liars, and they now actively threaten the peaceful operation of the World.    They must be dealt with.

Better to do it NOW, when we have a good chance of forcing behaviour change and political change upon them.   If we wait until later, then the opportunity will have slipped by, and this may cost the world 100 years of hostility and ongoing warfare.

[ Apr. 4, 2022 ] - We Must Study War
- And we must win the war.  (Research log is below the four images).

BBC Report - A village Mayor - and her husband and son - were killed by Russian invaders.

[ Apr. 3, 2022 ] - I have lost objectivity now.   I have tried to remain objective and such, while researching the Terror war that Russia has unleashed on Ukraine, but the atrocities in Irpin and Bucha - suburbs of Kyiv which look so much like Southern Ontario towns - has done it for me.   I confess I am no longer able to maintain any objectivity.   The Putin fascists must be ended, regardless of what the costs are that we must face, and the risks we must accept.

I believe now - honestly in my heart - that Putin's Russia is something we must gear up to correct - with all global resources - and destroy, if necessary.   If I could - I would simply obliterate Moscow, and all the Russian military.  

If I could launch a nuclear strike on Putin's location, I would do it. 

We cannot share a planet with these murderous, psychopathic sadists.   We could not live with a Hitler, and his Death Camps and his invasions and organized murders of European Jews, and I believe now, we cannot live with Putin's fascist Henchmen, and his Chechen Death Squads, and his insane, murderous lies.  

I cannot see a way out of this, that does not involve ending Russia's ability to field any military or militia forces, or any forces of any kind, anywhere.   Their military must be completely expunged, and Putin must be tried for war crimes, and put in jail for the rest of his life, and/or executed.  

The BBC reporter walked thru Bucha, with Ukrainian soldiers, and counted over 20 bodies, lying on the streets of the town.  Many had their arms tied behind their backs, and most appeared to be shot in the back of the head.  Invading Russians simply took people from their homes, and killed them.   The invaders captured ordinary elderly civilians, killed them, and left their bodies in the streets.   Some corpses are booby-trapped, with explosives.   This was an ISIS trick, which Russians have adopted.  The Ukrainian soldiers have also discovered a lot of land mines.  The area is still very dangerous.

The people killed were just ordinary civilians who lived in this suburban village.  These Russian actions are War Crimes beyond even what Hitler's forces did in the 1940's.   Seriously, this is the truth.

Click on link below, to see the BBC report about Bucha, and what the Ukraine liberators discovered:  (Warning:  Difficult scenes... )

This cannot stand.  The Ukraine Terror Atrocities must be avenged.  This is the World's 9/11.

- xxx -

[ Page down past the five image sections (with notes), to see the "Web-Log (Blog)" section, for daily notes, if you wish.  An earlier note - from several days ago, follows directly below...]


We've been doing some curious and serious research related to mass-influence driven human psychology models.

It turns out it is crazy easy to program masses of people, using modern technology.  This began with the printing-press, and political "tracts", which evolved into newspapers, which evolved into newsreels, which became "television", and then the internet.  It's a long-chain molecule of deception, and programmed disinformation.

You can ask a simple question: "Why has the World Gone Crazy?"   There are some clear answers to this query.

The pandemic is part - study the "Dancing Sickness" outbreaks after the Great European Black-Death Plagues, for some post-plague wild behaviour changes - at scale, across cultures.

But it gets worse, once the field of "weaponized information" is opened. 

The Russian KGB were absolute experts at this stuff.  They learned from the Germans, who used it to turn a small fringe political outfit in Munich, run by a clever-but-twisted fellow named Adolf H., into a mass-movement that captured the hearts and minds of enough German citizens - from all walks of life - sufficient to take control of the nation.   Watch Leni Reifenstahl's "Triumph of the Will".  It looks modern - but it was made in 1934.  

The KGB militarized this propaganda playbook, and it is up-and-running right exactly now in Russia, on the internet, on global social-media, and on the TV screens.   It is horrific.  It is lies.  And it works.

You might wonder about the weirdness of Donald Trump, or the use of old Joe Biden as the best choice the Democrat Party in USA could come up with, or the strangely weak-to-the-world, but brutal and hostile-to-Canadians fellow, named Justin, who had a clever Dad, and who now runs (sort of) Canada.    None of these strange shit-choices make any sense - until you put them into the context of a militarized conflict - except the militarization weapon is *information*, and the whole "Cascade of Lies" strategy - that characterizes just about everything we see and hear on electronic media now - except some direct channels of information from specific, individual persons, who try to puncture the almost-sealed mainstream-media filter-bubbles, that are wrapped around most people's internet experience now.

Yes, the political system is being hijacked and manipulated in nasty ways.

Yes, the media, the TV and the internet are trying to make your children "queer" and "gay".

Yes, the information that you can find on main-stream media is filtered, framed and directed to you, to achieve explicit political objectives. 

Yes, everything is becoming weirdly and wildly "political", in a nasty, dangerous and toxic way.

Russia is using - not just a "Big Lie" - but a cascading waterfall of continous deception - an actual "Tsunami of Lies" to promote it's outrageous mass-murder and State terrorism exercise in Ukraine.   It is not a "Special Military Operation" - it is an outright KGB-playbook example of State destruction and an attempt at the mass subjegation of human freedom - on a "blitzkreig" scale - a "Lightning War" to destroy a political movement and smaller nation which is based on simple honesty and democratic reality.     Ukraine - living in honesty and truth -  threatens Putin, so he is doing all he can to destroy it.

But it is not just Ukraine.

There are these astoninshing cultural movements (dis-information driven) in USA, which seem crazy and bizarre, until they are seen as militarized attempts to destroy the traditional values of honesty and common sense that have characterized USA since it's beginning.

Yes, the KGB (which does not even exist - it is now called the FSB) really does have long, detailed technical manuals, about how to de-stabilize a national government, how to get the people of a nation *fighting with each other* rather than fighting the external threat that is trying to destroy their national focus and ability ot operate as a common political entity.

Information can be - most effectively - weaponized.   The Catholic Church figured this out very early on, and used all the tricks - bells, smells and fear of hells - to subjegate all of Europe for many hundreds of years.   All religions do this.

In territory where Russians are in control, in Ukraine - the school kids are finding *all* Ukrainian symbols and even the Ukrainian language is being removed from classrooms.   The Russians have this classical "Playbook of State Subjegation" - and they are using it.  

What is happening in the USA - and Canada, the UK and Europe, is more subtle attempts - at every level - to degrade, damage and deface our historical, national characteristics.   Those who believe they should "nudge" humans to accept their political choices - are very much hard at work.  

We had thought Trump Phenomenon might be a reaction to this.  But it is possible, that Trump is actually a KGB/FSB Russian operative, and is part of the campaign to de-stabilize the USA.   He does not even actually know this, which makes it basically "Theatre of the Absurd" comical.

Don't think this is possible?   This concern was standard Hollywood fair, back in the 1960's, when people were just plain much smarter, than they are now.   The world had been through a hellstorm of world-war, that ended with nuclear weapons being used to destroy two Japanese cities.  The astonishing ramp-up of scientific knowledge - and it's application to real, practical engineering and social problems - was like nothing that came before or since.  USA entered and fought the Vietnam War, because it was the necessary and correct thing to do.   They simply decided not to actually *win* the war, out of fear of Russia.    Russia again - the destroyer of worlds, it seems.

Perhaps Trump really is "The Manchurian Candidate"?   (Screen John Frankenheimer's brilliant film, if you get a chance.  It was made in 1962, and really resonates, here in 2022...) 

In a sane and rational USA, both Biden and Trump, would stand together on a TV camera, and give the Russian goons 12 hours to remove their murder squadrons from Ukraine, and the stupid January 6th "insurrection" witch-hunt nonsense would simply be shut down.   Judges for the Supreme Court would be chosen based on the quality of their legal scholarship, and a careful examination of their written judgements.  They would not be chosen on the basis of skin colour and sex organs.

But now we have a non-racist American society - turning explicitly racist, and trying to queer-up it's children - and the cinema and TV shows reek of nothing but brutal, thrill-triggering violence and twisted sexuality.

One must rationally consider and suspect that the USA is being actively targeted in the most direct and explicit information-warfare assault in all of human history.

If USA can be weakened, and degraded, and the political and cultural groups in America can be made to fight with each other - instead of fighting the evil that is being actively deployed in the world - then we are all at risk.

The American Conservative movement should simply "Dump Trump", and get back to just lining up behind truth and honesty and fairness and old-fashioned "arsenal of Democracy" strength.

All the queer-gay-transgender nonsense should be told to stay in the bedroom or the cathouse where it belongs, schools should be run by the careful focus of scientists, not by unionized, second and third rate politicized Teacher's Unions, and political people should stop trying to manipulate and extend absurd social agendas and focus instead on using the taxation system to create defense technology for the nation, and build a better, more sane, relaxed world.

The Conservatives get a lot right.   And Biden is also right when he says that that murdering madman Valdimir Putin has to be removed from power.

We all need to stop fighting with each other over absurd issues that neither make any sense, nor can possibly benefit anyone, anywhere, in the long run - or even the short run.

And we need to get the State finances under some sort of rational control, so economic sanity can be maintained.   If not - we can say as Economists and social scientists - that we will absolutely track the Mathusian die-back curves, and experience war, starvation, and mass death, since the planet does not have infinite capacity to support unlimited population growth.  (Even if the human world does seem to have a capacity for infinite stupidity.)

The economic, trading, cultural and political situation in Europe, Ukraine and Russia, was in a fine and stable mode, until this idiot-monster Putin decided to destroy it all.  He must be ended.

What this means - is that all nations, must put aside their f*cking stupid (literally!) cultural conflicts, religious squabbles and racist cat-fights, and engage the necessary fight to remove this nuclear-armed lunatic from power in Russia.    We will then need a huge "Marshal Plan" to repair the damage in Ukraine, and also uplift the mass-poor in Russia. 

This is the only rational path forward. 

We may need a fairly big war, to make this happen.   But this cruel, insane mass bombing campaign in Ukraine, must end now.    And the USA must have leaders of each of it's political parties that can work together in a crisis.   We need to destroy Putin and save  Russia.   No other choice really remains.  We must repair a broken nation, controlled by a madman. That means the madman must first be neutralized.

And maybe the women should just stay home and have babies.   Yes, I know this is a crazy idea, but maybe family folks might want to give it a try.   It is actually a model for stability, that has worked pretty good in history.   The current model - where every low-IQ person is expected to do every damn thing in the world - this is not really good, nor is it a good idea to waste females on the battlefield, and in the world of business.  This is maybe part of what is making everyone crazy.  There is unwise confusion.

But maybe the very top leaders should be women.   Catherine the Great of Russia was a wise leader and Elizabeth the First of England was as well (and maybe HRH the Second also...).   They did pretty good work.  Germany did alright under Merkel, and Thatcher saved the UK from a time of political-economic foolishness.   Women in the very top jobs, could be something we might want to institutionalize.

We also need to re-design the United Nations, since it is badly broken, and does not work at all.

But first - we must get rid of Putin, and the Thug Murder-Monkey's of Russia.   They have to be ended, and this project should begin now.    There is too much unwise, painful death and destruction taking place in Ukraine, that will damage us all, if we do not take action now.

Here is what the Russian fascist army did to the pretty Kyiv suburb town of Irpin - and the families that lived there.   Ukraine soldiers that liberated the town found it destroyed, with corpses of civilians in the streets:

If we fail to act and correct this insane State-sanctioned murderous terrorist nightmare, it will dominate the next 100 years of our trans-national politics, and is certain to result in the eventual destruction of much of our civilization on this planet.   

Mariupol is becoming a Russian-made Christian Holocaust.  Russian terrorists will not be able to lie their way out of this fact.   If the forces of freedom and democracy do not help, and allow this city and it's people to be murdered, then the history of the next 100 years, will be all about obtaining revenge for this atrocity, and ensuring the complete destruction of Russia.    Removing Putin now, can save Russia, and save the future.  But if our governments in the West continue to sit on the sidelines, and let this awful murder exercise continue, then we are programming-in the Apocalypse.    We are very certain of this.