Vladimir Putin is a Dangerous War Criminal. He May Also Be Insane.

[ Apr. 4, 2022 ] - Details of the Mass Murder of Civilians in Bucha, Suburb Village of Kyiv - are even worse than originally suspected.  Based on the number of corpses - many with their hands or arms tied behind their backs - was thought to be less than 100.  It is now seen that the murder toll is likely to be many hundreds, (410 dead, is the number some sources are reporting) and perhaps even more.

The Russians - rather than showing any interest in trying to investigate what took place - are simply denying that it happened - despite the Ukrainian and UK investigations teams now on site, and the mass-graves being found - and initial photographs of the civilian victims that were discovered, lying in the street.  (Putting murdered civilians in the street is a terror-technique.  There are reasons why this was done, we suspect.  The Russian military likes to think it is "strong".)

We predict that open warfare with Russia will now occur - perhaps not until the current crop of European women-leaders and Putin-ally types are removed - but it will occur eventually.  Maybe by next year?  Or maybe next week?  Angela Merkel must deeply regret the error of trusting Putin.  Putin is a monster - and a deeply dishonest sociopathic liar.   Like the textbook sociopath, he can lie with great confidence.

Ukraine should have been given immediate NATO membership, as this would have prevented this viciously stupid invasion and mass-murder insanity.  War could have been avoided, if the European Union had shown strength of purpose, and stood up to the pure evil that Putin represents.

[ Apr. 2-3, 2022 ] - Crazy Russian Lie about Bioweapons in Ukraine - Refuted Even by Russian Microbiologist! - This Ukraine Invasion and Terror War of Putin's, is truly becoming insane and beyond anything that anyone could have imagined, two months ago.   The scale of the horror and terrorist attacks by Russian military in Ukraine is beyond anything we ever expected to see in Europe, except in 1940's newsreels or documentaries.  Russia has become this grotesque monster - and is now hated and despised all over the world. 

And the lies!  The insane, crazy lies that Putin's Henchmen are retailing to the Russian people, are beyond-belief crazy.   It is scary and fascinating - an entire nation is having the minds of it's people poisoned with these amazing lies:  

Even Russian Microbiologists are now saying this insane lie that there are "bioweapons labs" in Ukraine is an obvious lie - which can even be refuted by careful examination of the material the Russians themselves are publishing!


Truth is being murdered in Russia, just like civilians are being murdered in Ukraine.  

This madness must be stopped.   Putin must be arrested and put on trial for war-crimes.

And apparently, Youtube will be banned in Russia as of April 5th.  This is so like Germany, under Hitler.  (They made radios, which did *not* have tuners - only pushbuttons for German stations.)

[ Apr. 2nd, 2022 ] - Logistics and Some Small Success - Hard bloody work, and difficult - but Ukraine forces move - villiage by villiage, farm by farm, to reclaim the land the fascist Russian invaders have occupied and destroyed.  Russia will be corrected, I promise this. 

Here is video, of a villiage being liberated - not Russian lie-videos, but actual "living in truth" videos of actual entry by Ukraine Military - into occupied areas.  Never thought in 2022, we would be living/seeing this:   (Video of Ukrainian village being liberated from Russian fascist invaders... We are impressed by the tenacity and courage of the Ukrainian Military.)


"In the fighting, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the settlement of Nova Basan in the Chernihiv region. This was reported by the Military.

In the settlement the enemy suffered losses in armored
 vehicles and manpower. Residents of the village of Nova Basan were happy 
to welcome the Ukrainian military, who
liberated them from Russian occupation.

[The above is auto-translation from Ukraininan cyrillic to English, using Google Translate]

We support Ukraine. We read some of the material on USA so-called "conservative" websites, and
we are certain the writers of the anti-Ukraine dis-info, are being paid by Russian agents.

The world is a tiny village now.
We are all in this fight. We are conservatives - and we believe that Putin
must be tried and convicted of war-crimes. Russia must be de-militarized

[ Apr. 1st, 2022 ] - Russia is Taking Hostages Now in Ukraine - Thousands of Them! - That whole history-of-Russia thing: They say in Russia, just when you think it could not get any worse - it then gets worse.   Russian forces have kidnapped several *thousand* Ukraine citizens from Mariupol, stolen all their stuff, taken their passports, and shipped them to a Concentration Camp! ( which is a cold, tent city of blue plastic tents that can be seen from satellite images) inside Russia.  

This is actually a "black-letter-law" kind of war crime - the forcable deportation of populations of people from their homelands, against their will.  It is basically a mass hostage-taking - by a murder-army that is behaving as terrorist killers and thieves.   "Operator Starsky" documents this - from the front lines, near Kyiv and Irpin:  (This guy is amazing.  He is actually right there, making these youtube-videos!)


We need to take this war to Moscow, is the feeling one gets.   But not like Napolean - more like Iraq - or even Hiroshima.   Putin is a war criminal, a terrorist, and the person that ordered the murder of Boris Nemtsov.  We agree with USA President Biden:  Putin cannot remain in power.

BBC Report - Evidence of Horrific War Crimes Near Kyiv.  Corpses of  many unarmed civilians killed along highway into Kyiv.  (Warning..  difficult to watch)


It's time for the military forces of the world to now enter this fight.  This is not just a Ukraine problem now.  This affects all of us.  It is a world problem.  The World is now at war with Russia.  No other possible choice exists.

[ Mar. 30, 2022 ] - Russia Fake Videos & Explanation How We Know They Are Fake - This is really interesting.  There are fake Russian-made videos that pretend to show Ukrainian soldiers killing Russian hostages and prisoners.   These videos are provable fakes.  They are Russian-made, and specific items in the videos themselves establish that they are bogus. 


What Putin is doing in Ukraine is not acceptable.  It must not stand.  We are at a major, significant turning point in human history.  This situation is now as critical as at the beginning of the two previous World Wars.  Few people recognize this yet, and the weak leadership in Europe and North America fails to understand this also, we suspect.    The failure of the United Nations to have any meaningful impact on this absurd nightmare proves that that institution is so deeply flawed that it is now essentially worthless.

All military forces in the World need to act together, to assist in the immediate neutralization of the Russian invasion assault on that country.  Putin himself must be arrested for illegal mass-terrorism and mass-murder.  He must be stopped and his forces neutralized.   The planet is too small and crowded now, for this sort of murderous madness to be allowed.   Those Nation-State leaders who argue that we must "not get involved", for various legalistic reasons, will go down in history as the grotesque group of "Weak Leaders who Failed to Act" and caused the "The Great Collapse of Free Europe" - a period of many years of darkness and conflict, that looms before us all, if Putin's Terrorists are not completely and absolutely defeated.

[ Mar. 29, 2022 PM ] - Putin Needs to be Dealt With -  We (the World) must risk nuclear war with this Putin character.  He and his Thug Army of Terrorists are not fit to walk in this world.  We have the technology to remove this person, and we and many others, believe the time has come, and we must now use it.  

He sleeps somewhere, and uses a toilet somewhere.   The abusive Russian assault in Ukraine is pure terrorism - it is not even warfare - it is just KGB/FSB terror tactics that would offend even Stalin or Hitler.  Putin is a human nightmare - an abusive terrorist and possibly a madman, and he must be dealt with accordingly.    The risks of leaving this fellow in charge of nuclear-armed Mother Russia are too great.   We doubt Putin will not make any kind of peace with Ukraine.   We envision a scenario where he will just lie and delay and will keep attacking and killing until he is stopped, or Ukraine is destroyed.

Osama Bin Laden was a problem, and the USA took action.  But this is just Osama Bin Laden, with nuclear weapons, and a giant Thug Army at his disposal.  This presents a bigger problem, but a targeted strike on the location of this creature, could result in a return to peace.

It would be foolish and dangerous - at this point - to think that one could negotiate with Putin or his terrorist army.  Putin is a liar.  He cannot be trusted.   His reduction of military effort around Kyiv is because a large portion of his military in that area has been seriously degraded or effectively neutralized, if not outright defeated.  Putin is not "shifting focus from Kyiv", he is papering an effective military defeat with yet another lie.

President Biden of the USA is absolutely correct.   This Putin character cannot remain in power.  His reign of criminal terror needs to be ended.   We have to roll the big dice, and risk the big move here - else this vicious, sadistic ex-KGB spy-boy may well try to kill the whole world.  

[ Mar. 29, 2022 ] - Irpin Liberated from Invading Russian Forces - According to Operator Starksy - Just learned about this fellow, and his Youtube channel.   He is Ukrainian dude, reporting from front lines around Kyiv - in English, which is helpful for us.  Ukraine needs to get some of those Polish MIG-29's, along with some ordnance to fit on them, to help remove Russian artilery positions firing on Kyiv.  Assaults with Russian cruise missiles against Lviv shows how nasty Putin's Russia is being in this war.   The Russians attack civilians, as a pure exercise in terror.  This must be resisted.   This entire Russian "Special Military Operation"  must end in complete failure, and in Putin's removal as Russian leader.     Ukraine needs a "Lend-Lease" augmentation to it's air force.  And some tanks and APC's also.


[ Mar. 27-28, 2022 ] - Strong Evidence Exists that Boris Nemtsov was Killed by Putin's FSB Agent, Valery Sukharev - Boris Nemtsov was not just a "Putin critic."  In the 1990's, he was Deputy Premier of Russia.  He was supposed to take over after Yeltsin.  There is very strong evidence that Putin's FSB (the "Federal Security Bureau" - successor spy organ to the KGB) had Nemtsov murdered - only steps from the Kremlin, in 2015. 

This was the beginning of the end for Russian freedoms. Direct evidence has been obtained - which actually comes from the FSB's own data tracking system - that Nemstov was being shadowed  ("tailed") by a specific FSB agent - Valery Sukharev -  on 13 seperate trips.   Nemtsov was a good man - and was expected to be the successor the Boris Yeltsin, but Putin managed to get the job, and forced Nemtsov out.   There are honorable and good people in Russia, who want this war-and-murder madness to end - but they are being targeted by FSB agents and Putin gang-members.    They are being poisoned and/or jailed.   This is seriously wrong, and it is getting worse now... much worse.

This is not "fake news" or conspiracy fabrication - this is documented evidence that comes from the FSB's own tracking database (called "Magistral"), and is reported on in detail, by the BBC:  (Link to details below)


There is a dangerous world-storm brewing, because Russia is being destroyed by extremist criminal gangster forces.  And it appears Vladimir Putin is behind this ugly nightmare.  USA President Biden was right when he said in Warsaw: "For God's Sakes, this man cannot remain in power!", referring to the murderer, Vladimir Putin, who still is acting as leader of Russia.  (Youtube clip of Warsaw speech):


We agree with President Biden.  He spoke the truth.

The last independent newpaper/media outlet in Russia was forced to shut down today.  Novaya Gazeta - founded in part by Mikhail Gorbachev, back in 1993 - has had to close, due to threats from the Russian media regulator.   There are now *no* independent news or media outlets operating in Russia.   Putin has effectively erased or imprisoned all his political opponents, and has shutdown all media which does not report and retail his outrageous nonsense lies about Ukraine being controlled by Nazis.  


We think Bill Ackman is right.  The Third World War has now officially begun.  Biden and the Europeans are afraid to deploy troops to Ukraine.  This is unfortunate, since we suspect this means that when the Free World does have to engage the Russian nightmare, it will be a much bigger and more militarized Russia that we will all have to face - and defeat.

The best time to fix a really horrible problem, is when it is still small.   But sadly, many people fail to see just how horrible and awful this current problem is.   But those of us who are blessed (or cursed) with the ability to see how scenarios will most likely unfold - must suffer greatly, as we have to watch in horror as the preventable disaster unfolds before our eyes.

For God's sakes, leader-people, if you know that this dishonest, war-making Putin character is this extreme threat to the Free World, then please TAKE ACTION and address this ugly threat effectively.   The body-count from this killer, is growing too high.   Stop him!

We can say with some certainty, that "sanctions" and economic threats will have no chance at all, of changing Putin's behaviour.  We are *most certain* of this.  DIRECT ACTION is required.

[ Mar. 25, 2022 ] - How to Donate Money to Ukrainian Military Charity - I have never donated money online to a charity in my life.  Until now.   I sent a couple of thousand "Hryvnia"  (UAH is the currency code) to this charity.   I hope it is legitimate.  I used the "Fondy" system, and a Canadian Visa card.   The rate looks to be about 85 bucks Canadian, (update: it was $88.36, as charged to my Visa card account), which will also have a 2.5% commission tacked on.  Here is the URL, which I got from the Youtube video of the "Orsk" being blown to burning hell.   Damn straight work, gentlemen.  If I spoke Ukrainian or Russian, I would probably just go and help out.  

This Russian invasion of Ukraine is just so goddamn unacceptable, it's almost beyond belief.  If our governments will not act, then private citizens must take action.   This Russian illegal murder madness must be stopped.  Invading Russian murder-squadrons must be *completely* neutralized.   NATO forces are not required to sit on their arses.   What Russia is doing violates - completely - all civilized behaviour and basic human law.   Here is a link to a Ukraine military charity:


I did a little research project on Fondy, and it looks ok.  If I get any negative consequences (ie. someone hacks my card info, or whatever), I will post the information here.  (Update: transaction looks clean and ok, so far.  Update2: We did get a bogus email pretending to be from "Canada Post" about a "shipment that could not be delivered".  We know this email is bogus, due to it containing a link to an S3 Amazon server (spoofing as the "Canada Post" website), and a source email address from a non-local overseas website.  The email had a clickable link, which would have been used to harvest information and/or drop a toxic binary payload onto our machine.  We get so many bogus email-fraud messages, that this might have been unrelated to the Ukrainian donation.  Basic data hygiene:  Never click on an email link, to open a webpage, and always clear cookies, browser-cache and history, after any financial transaction.)  

We typically now have to use online-payment methods for many transactions now - so just use common sense, and clear your cookies and browser cache and such, after any payment is made, etc.  But the Ukrainian URL looks legit, and so does Fondy.    I am just so angry about this whole Russian Invasion thing - myself and some others had done some serious work to establish good, honest, fine economic systems in Eastern Europe, and here this crazy Russian spymaster Putin, with early Alzhiemer's, is back to this "Send in the Tanks, and crush the Civil Society!" war nonsense.  It is unwise, illegal, cruel and it will do terrible damage to Russia itself.

This horrific, illegal Ukraine invasion will not stand, I promise this.   It's open-season on Russian assets and Russian killers.   Get busy, folks.   In the words of Warren Zevon:  "Send lawyers, guns and money."     We are working on a plan.  Will update here, if it can be pulled together, and made to work.  We have to make sure we stay on the right side of our local law.

[ Mar. 24, 2022 ] - In Berdyansk, the Russian Warship "Orsk" is Sent to Hell  - Where it belongs, along with it's murderous mission.  Footage of the explosions in occupied Berdyansk harbour show what happened.  We have been wondering if and when Russian warship traffic would be addressed.  There is nothing easier to hit than a fat ship full of murdering pirates, if you have the basic technology - cannons, missiles, or DEWs.   And a ship full of war materials - typically ammunition and explosive ordnance - blows up real good.  Take a look at the action in the harbour,  at invader-occupied port of Berdyansk:


Someone has posted another copy of the same video at this URL.    The "Orsk" is the burning ship, and the video shows another badly damaged warship (burning, in the background) leaving the harbour, while in the foreground, what appears to be an undamaged warship is also leaving.     Dramatic footage...


This is a low-resolution cell-phone video, picked up by the BBC, of the same scene, without much detail:


In Boris Johnson's words: "Russian actions have crossed a red-line into barbarism."  We agree.  The above is Ukraine Navy action.  As for Air Force, a Ukrainian Defense Industry company has an interesting offer - One million US dollars for any Russian pilot who defects to the side of Freedom, with a Russian warplane:


The Ukrainian Air Force hopes to add to its strength, with additional Russian MIGs, Sukoi jets, or attack helicopters.  We hope they get takers of this offer.  Freedom is better than slavery.  The legal system in Russia is controlled by Putin yes-men - viz. the new, additional 9-year sentance handed to already-imprisoned Navalny, without him even having a chance to offer any sort of meaningful legal defense.   No one is safe from Putin's henchmen now, in the Russia Putin is trying to create.

More Talk, Talk, & Talk:  NATO folks, leaders, ministers and Biden and Johnson are getting together to do some more talking.  The UK is promising 6000 missiles for Ukraine.   Talk is noise, but missiles are good.   Germany sent 50 Mercedes trucks with red crosses painted on them.  We fear the Russians will use these big red images as targets.

The Free World is lucky to have Johnson, Scholz and Zelenskiy.  Shame about weak Mr. Biden.

This horrible and insane exercise in un-needed, fake-news+lie-driven combat-conquest could be over in 15 minutes, if the talkshop folks at NATO could get off their arses, and just take some initiative.   Just call it a "forward defense exercise" and quickly go in and neutralize a bunch of Russian terrorist assets.  Let's be clear.  This is a terror-war of pure conquest.  It threatens the Free World.  Putin is calling the brutal Ukrainian terror-war a "special military operation".   NATO could call it's response the establishment of a "forward threat-facing preliminary European defensive envelope".    Ask Sweden if they would like to help.  Make it a non-NATO exercise, if necessary.  

Sitting on our arses, while democratically-run modern European cities are bombed and overrun by murdering military-supported terrorist invaders, is just not acceptable.  Those burning cities are us.  We are them.  Those dying Ukranians are our people.

Our research suggests that the outrageous American "cut-and-run" weakness Biden showed to the World, in the tragic Afghanistan withdrawal, has been a key trigger of this Ukraine invasion nightmare.  Putin watched as American forces literally ran away in the night, and decided to try to exploit this sad weakness, by simply taking Ukraine by conquest.  IF we don't stop this madman now, (we believe he has lost his sense of balance, and has early-stage dementia), he is certain to continue to kill.  The greatest escalation, will come from further inaction on the part of the West.   Putin probably believes he is being Alexander Nevsky.  But in fact, he is being the hated invader - much like a Mongol warlord.   Putin betrays Russia.

This bad action will only be ended by forceful confrontation - sanctions will have *ZERO* effect, and will be used by Putin to make his cruel position stronger.    This is so obvious, it is painful to watch the Biden crew fuck around with economic sanctions.  The sanctions are unfair, abusive and silly.  They will only hurt those who have no ability to alter the course of events.  They will damage Europe, annoy ordinary Russians, hurt American interests, and strengthen Putin's hold over the Russian state.   Sanctions have not worked in the past, and they will have little positive effect here.  Direct action - military assistance to Ukrainian democratic state, and direct confrontation of Putin's terror squadrons - is the only rational course of action.   If this is not done, much more needless death will occur.     We are certain of this.

Another brave journalist - a Russian woman of integrity and courage - was murdered by Russian shelling in Kyiv today.


None of this horrorshow of pain and cruelty needed to happen.  Terrorism is bad business all around.  But it requires active threat management, in real-time.  Bad shit must be stopped, early on, before it gets out of hand.   And it is now, most very much out of hand.   Hey NATO!   Act!

[ Mar. 23, 2022 ] - Sold, But Could Not Stay Out- FD: We exited, at a profit, our trading portfolio.  We believed markets are were under-estimating the damage and economic dislocation the Russian Terror War in Ukraine will have on the World.  

But, price for our testbed equity fell sharply, and we re-bought, due to inflation fear.  Which is better?  Having an equity position?  Or having cash in an account?  Historical research suggests holding quality equity is better by a significant degree.   Scary times, but one must act when action is called for, even if risk is high.  (Especially if risk is high...). 

An Honourable Man of High Integrity, Resigns, Bows Out, and Leaves the Country:


Yeltsin, Chubais and the other Reformers - great men who built a new Russia of freedom and prosperity.   We followed young Chubais closely.  His reforms were clever and successful. Vladimir Putin, the German Stasi-spymaster, is now destroying what was a properous Russian success story.   What a curious nightmare.  

Russian terror troops are killing aged citizens in Ukraine city of Irpin, and are raping any women they can find.  Seriously.   Detailed eyewitness accounts are available, if one has the stomach to read them.


[ Mar. 22, 2022 ] - New War & New Weapons - We keep finding evidence for a significant breakthru in what are now termed:  "DEWs" - directed energy weapons.    With modern aircraft and spacecraft, you do not need to physically "melt" anything, you simply need to supply enough violent electrical energy transients (voltage "spikes") to the platform, to fully-disable the onboard computers and the servo-motors and/or their power supplies, which operate the control-surfaces of the aircraft or spacecraft.  

We suspect that there is a very small, but non-zero probability, that Chinese Flight MU5735, which appeared to dive vertically into the ground, may have been subject to this kind of attack - perhaps by accident.   Or possibly it was pilot suicide.   The aircraft entered a vertical dive from 29,000 feet, and in roughly 1 minute, 35 seconds, the aircraft had fallen 26,000 feet.  Video footage capture by a mining company security camera, shows an aircraft in a full nose-down dive, rapidly tracking vertically towards the ground.

There is evidence that DEWs (directed energy weapons) are in existence, which possibly could electrically "scramble" fly-by-wire aircraft controls. (Fly-by-wire means that there are no physical linkages to aircraft control-surfaces - the elevators, rudder and ailerons.  Wires connect to servo-motors, which provide electricity to control these motors, which then move these control surfaces, as the pilot moves the control wheel or joystick on the flight-deck.  Older aircraft had physical cables and pulley configurations, which would move the control surfaces in response to pilot control wheel or stick movements, and/or rudder-pedal movement.)


As the above article indicates, the Chinese research in high-energy DEW technology is public knowledge.

The modern research on DEWs goes back roughly 42 years, and was begun seriously in the West by President Ronald Reagan.  (There were satirical comments of him as "President Raygun"),    But DEW technology is no longer in the realm of science fiction.  It is real, and is being battlefield-tested.   A US Defense Department report from September, 2021, (only 6 months ago), describes some of the existing and planned technology:


The ugly, brutal and senseless invasion of Ukraine, by a newly beligerent Russian Federation, under the personal control of what may be a madman with early-stage dementia, leads us to believe that there will now be *substantial* increases in military spending, by all nations.

If Chinese Flight MU5735 was shot down by a DEW - perhaps by accident - then it might explain the curiously awful final flight-profile.   As 737 pilots have indicated - a suicidal pilot would have to disable several systems, and work hard to maintain a vertical dive.      We could envision a scenario where a radar-guidence system and the linked DEW were under test, and with the system pointed skyward, unintended target acquisition occurred along with weapon activation.  The whole idea of DEWs is to be able to rapidly engage cruise-missile targets, and disrupt the missile in flight.

The horror of the destruction of that major shopping centre in Kyiv, by Russian terrorist forces, shows how awful cruise-missile assault can be, and demonstrates the importance of developing active measures to counter this kind of targeted terror weapon.

We are seeing 70 year-old "science fiction" war-stories come to life as an ugly reality.  It is curious how so many people seem to be oblivious to how seriously dangerous this new reality actually is.   War can now come from the sky, and be controlled and directed by small groups of very bad people, thousands of miles away. 

The whole world will thus become the battlefield.

[ Mar. 21, 2022 ] - Putin is a Terrorist & Must Be Ended - So many learned folks are saying Putin is becoming like Hitler - crazy, aggressive and dangerous.   But we disagree.  We think he is more like Osama Bin Laden.   He is a global terrorist of the first level now.   His actions have crossed into pure evil.  No additional analysis is required.  This is an ancient human problem, and it is often the reason for great wars.   No other choice is possible.

Early this morning, in Kyiv, Putin's terrorists destroyed a shopping centre, using cruise missiles. 

Reports indicate at least 8 people were killed in this terrorist attack.

Imagine the Eaton Centre in Toronto as a smoking ruin, with all the early-AM workers - young female shop clerks - lying dead or dying, inside the rubble and smoking debris.  You can see it all, on the BBC.


This is madness - but more importantly - it is pure, and simple *terrorism* of the very top level.   There is no military objective here.  The plan is to starve and terrorize the Ukrainian civilian population, and then move in with murdering shock-troops to steal the city.  We doubt this plan will work out.  London did not surrender to Hitler.   And we doubt that Kyiv will surrender to Putin.

Again, this is a very old, and very ugly model of brutal conquest.  Putin is the Nazi, and the world knows it.

Rubicon is crossed.   We - and by that, I mean the entire World Community - will have no choice, except a full-on war with Putin's murderers in control of the Russian Federation.   Putin is assuming Biden of the USA will sit still and do nothing.  This may be the case - but eventually, we will have to systematically destroy the Russian capacity to wage these kinds of "terror-wars" against those whom their disturbed leaders view as threats.  Biden may need to be replaced.  This may happen quite soon, we suspect.  Talk-talk-talk time is ending, and sanctions have never stopped anything.

We advise people to prepare their own plans, for a "nuclear winter".   It seems both unwise and simply unacceptable, that we share a planet with the murder-over-the-horizon killers of the Russian Military.   All Russia's military forces will have to be neutralized - there is really no other alternative possible.    RIght now, Ukrainian cities are burning.  Sadly, we are certain the war is certain to end with Russian cities burning.  This is sad.  I liked Russia, very much.

We have no direct knowledge of exactly what happened to that Chinese Boeing aircraft - except that it showed no evidence of structural failure, and appeared to make a vertical descending dive into the ground.  (We have seen the photos)  Perhaps it was a suicide by the pilot, or a terrorist-takeover of the flight deck.  Or perhaps a computer failure?   Our fear, of course, is that it was a test of a new Russian weapon system - and signal to China - not to assist the Americans.

The July 2014 downing of Flight MH17, is similar.  Portable missile launchers were used:


If the plasma particle-beam weapons really do exist, and were deployed here, then this was a horrific but convincing demonstration of new capability.

It is possible that Russia - and it's 2000+ tactical and strategic nuclear weapons - is now in the direct control of a meglomaniacal madman - but one with sufficient ability to do massive damage to the future of our World.

We had thought the War would be with China.  Wrong.  China will be our *ally*.  The War will be with the Russian Gangster terrorists in control of the Russian Federation. 

Any action to remove or neutralize Putin and the persons who support his terrorism, seems to be indicated now. 

I don't want to live on a World, where some angry lunatic in Moscow can wipe out our shopping centres, destroy our food-supply-chains, kill our women & children, and hold the whole world hostage to his terrorist demands.  We must deal with this.  We must act.

This Putin person must have his command, control and communication capability terminated, his nuclear weapons destroyed on the ground, and he himself, must be personally neutralized - perhaps in the manner historical Russian leader Catherine the Great did with her cruel and abusive husband, Peter.

[ Mar. 17, 2022 ] - Western Military Forces Must Assist Ukraine Citizens - The Russian "negotiations" are fake.  Russian gangsters supporting Putin, are making no serious effort to negotiate at all. 


Putin truly is a war-criminal.   United Nations "PeaceMAKER" forces must enter this conflict and assist the legitimate Ukrainian Government.   The alternative is a perfect Holocaust that will stain history - especially Russian history -  into the far future, if not forever.   Putin's lies are only making the madness worse.   Our estimates - which are simple and easy to make - suggest that hundreds of thousands will begin to starve to death within one week.

There is no chance of any Russian benefits or "security improvements" that can come from this process, unless Russian forces engineer the mass-murder of hundreds of thousands of citizens, and reduce Ukraine to a giant forced-labour camp. 

This was done to Ukraine once before, under Stalin.  Over 1 million people were deliberately starved to death, after their property was seized.  To stand aside, and allow this kind of sadistic political-economic calculus to be carried out again, is not acceptable.


We use our AI-technology for effective economic investment activity.  But the economics of this madness, can be well-estimated on the back of any envelope.   Russian forces are engaged in an attempt to engineer a very large mass-murder.   Again. 

For this to take place, in 2022, is just insane and unacceptable.

A great crime like this is worth risking a nuclear conflict for.    We cannot stand aside and allow this new Holocaust to continue.

I have a small wooden "Devushka" doll on my desk, (a "Милая девушка") given to me by a Russian friend and painted in bright colours, with a pretty face that is smiling.   I looked at her today, and I saw tears in her eyes.    Maybe the tears were mine.

[ Mar. 16, 2022 ] - Putin is a War Criminal Who Must be Destroyed - If we do not send military forces to help the Ukrainians, our leaders will be guilty also.  This is now becoming an event like the Holocaust - an insane, organized attempt to carry out illegal mass-murder, under the guise of bogus "military operations".   There are those of us, who will not stand for this.   Sanctions are insufficient.   The Russian "forces" in Ukraine must be vapourized.


The victims in Ukraine are us.   We are them.   This murder campaign will be ended, and Putin will rest in the grave of history, alongside Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler.


[ Mar. 15, 2022 ] - Ukrainain War is A War for Human Freedom, Against Forces of Murderous Criminal Invaders - It is just so wrong, to stand aside, and let this independent nation of Ukraine be smashed and bombed by a brutal, powerful force of murderous invaders.  NATO is a non-issue, and if a nuclear-armed nation is now to use it's nuclear-weapons to blackmail the World, while it commits atrocities and mass-murder, then we must do more than just turn off their VISA cards.   We have no choice but to stand up to this illegal invasion & mass-murder madness.

We tell Putin:  "You launch, asshole, then we launch, also.  ALL your military dies, and you die too.  You *might* kill us, but you *will* kill Russia.  But we will not launch unless your forces do.  You fucking well know this.

Now, about Ukraine.  We are sending in troops to defend an independent nation, under attack by illegal invaders.  This is a "police action".   We are invoking:  "Escalate, to de-escalate."  Look it up, or ask an analyst.   This shit is stupid, cruel, and evil.   And it we are going to end it right now.

We had to do this during the Berlin Airlift.   If Russia uses nuclear weapons, then we will use nuclear weapons - either now or at some point in the future.   We all know this.

This invasion and military-murder shit must stop - pregnant women being murdered by the careful cluster-bombing of a Children's Hospital?! - this must fucking well stop, and if it does not, then maybe it is time for the nuclear weapons to come out, and bloody well be used, because we cannot share a planet with fucking murder-monster who is killing cities and our women in Ukraine.    Vladimir Putin - you were once a wise and honourable statesman.  But you have become an evil monster.  This stops - and we are going to stop it."

This is what we must say.  It is now the only sane choice.   If we let Ukraine fall, then I make a simple forecast:  All our weak political persons and "leaders"  that allowed this horror-show to happen, will be removed from power.  Every. Single. One.   And new, very angry, focused men and women will replace them, and then they will do the job.  Except the job will cost so much more to do, if we wait.   Deaths now, are measured in thousands.  If we wait, and do not oppose this Putin character now, then the deaths will be measured in the millions.

It's time.  Fucking hell - I am damn near Putin's age, and I would *pay money* for the privilage of going on project to destroy some of these criminal monsters invading Ukraine.  The world is just too small now, to let this sort of shit happen, without it being opposed by the good guys. 

If we don't put out this fire of madness now, it will - we are certain - burn up the whole World.

[ Mar. 14, 2022 ] - UN Military Forces Needed in Ukraine Now - Canadians & Americans Agree - A nightmare murder-machine is attacking a European Nation.  Europe and the World must stop it.  Wise men with experience now admit this truth.



Here is what the defense of Mariupol looks like, from inside a Ukrainian APC (a BTR-4, an 8x8 wheeled vehicle, with 30mm rapid-fire gun).  They have the courage to fire on a T-72 tank (which they are no match for), but they reverse, and see a BMP. which our data says uses a 73mm cannon.  The Ukrainians rapid-fire on the BMP, and manage to destroy it.


 "Zed's dead, baby.  Zed's dead."

We must help these people.  Deus Vult.   Why?    See this BBC report:


It's not just that the Putin's Russians are carrying out this insane, barbaric mass-murder exercise - it is also that they are creating this monster lie-machine to try to mislead and dis-inform the world.   Putin has not just become a Nazi Hitler-clone, he has also brought Joseph Goebbels back from the grave.  For students of history, the absurd Russian official lies about the Putin War in the Ukraine is like seeing a horrible Nazi nightmare brought to vivid life - but with the Russians playing the part of the Nazi invaders.   This is madness, and it must be ended.

[ Mar. 13, 2022 ] - Bounty is Closer to $20 Million US Dollars, Now, for Removal of Putin - Here is a news item from several days ago, which is blocked on most social media and news sites, for legal reasons:


We have evidence that the bounty is now closer to $20 million, given the pledges by other affected individuals and those who are disgusted and extremely angry about the illegal and brutal terror campaign being conducted by Russian military forces in Ukraine acting on Putin's orders.

We stress that we would like to see Valdimir Putin arrested and put on trial for war crimes and the criminal use of Russia's national Defense Forces.   His actions violate the laws of all civilized nations, and he must be brought to justice, and his terrorist actions ended by any means possible.

We will commit $1000 CDN to this bounty effort, for any person or group which can arrest Putin for his war crimes, and/or neutralize him.   Russian tanks have driven over cars in Ukraine with unarmed civilian people in them.  They have shot at and killed civilian people driving in their cars.   Putin's terrorists have targeted, shelled and bombed Children's Hospitals, knowing exactly what they were doing (they have accurate ORION devices, a Russian GPS).   Russian operatives are kidnapping the elected mayors of occupied cities.  These actions are war crimes. 

The orders to do these criminal acts came from Vladimir Putin, the person that is acting in the role of President of Russian Federation.

If every angry person commits to pay at substantial amount to those who bring Putin to justice, we can get this bounty up to a very large number - perhaps into the billions of dollars.   Every angry person on Earth, should promise to pay at least $20 US, to the person or group of persons who neutralize Putin's abusive reign of terror, and bring this criminal to justice.

Putin looks like a hairless version of the German Knight in the 1938 film, "Alexander Nevsky".   Maybe he could be traded for soap.

[ Mar. 12, 2022 ] - Madness in Power - This was supposed to be an interesting-results blog, for our little research-consulting effort. We have built some good stuff that works.

Now, it seems to have become a kind of "Diary of Anna Frank" detailing the end-of-the-world as we know it.  We are seeing high-madness in action.  Ukraine must win it's fight, or Europe and maybe the World will be horribly damaged, far in to the future.   Like it or not, the World is now at war.  Most people don't even realize it yet.

Putin is going "all-in" with lies and terrorist violence - even abducting the mayor of a Ukrainian city.  Russian terrorists - acting for Putin - kidnapped the civilian Mayor of city of Melitipol, and put a plastic-bag over his head as they did it.  The man may be dead.  And this actually violates Geneva-convention agreements about not attacking civilian administrators during wartime - even Hitler's stormtroopers did not stoop to this kind of abusive, terrorist-style depravtiy.  They wanted to hold the lands they took.  Putin just wants to terrorize & destroy.

Russian representatives to the UN, are now telling absurd, made-up insane lies - to the world community at the United Nations - a forum that even Stalin respected.  The absurd pretext of "American weapons labs doing bio-research in Ukraine" is such an over-the-top whopper of a lie, that it proves beyond all doubt one of two things: 

1) Either the Russian administration of Valdimir Putin is simply insane, and is made up of insane people who are running on automatic control, or

2), Putin *really* wants a major war, and is prepared to engineer assault efforts against the whole world, regardless of the damage it does to Russia, it's reputation, and it's future.  He has chosen the path of terror, by careful calculation, and wants the violence to expand.

Russia had become a modern, honest, respected European nation.   Putin's willingness to destroy everything that the Russian people have created, shows the actions of a small inner group that wants war at all costs.  And it also shows the action of dangerous, delusional madman.

Modern Russia, attacking and destroying modern Ukraine - this is an act of madness and meglomaniacal absurdity, on par with United States attacking and bombing Canada, and it's cities.   It is senseless, absurd, abusive violence, for delusional self-satisfaction.  It makes no economic or military sense.  And it risks creating a future of hatred, warfare, and poverty.

The World's bizarre failure to actively assist the Ukraine nation - with United Nations troops and peaceMAKER efforts - shows that Europe and the USA have already surrendered to Putin's New Russian Fascism.    This is crazy.  Biden and Harris are so far out of their depths, that it is almost beyond belief.

Canada and the UK should consider exiting the NATO alliance, and offering direct military assistance - troops, aircraft and heavy-weaponry - to Ukraine, right now.  We can either stop this madness now - as a UN-sanctioned "police action",  or we can wait, until our own cities are burning with radioactive fire, and try to fight when half our soldiers are coughing up blood from the radiation sickness.  (But mark this:  We will fight.)

Putin's stormtroopers and terrorists must be neutralized, and Putin must be removed and put on trial for criminal acts.   NATO is irrelevant.  A weak nation is being attacked, and it's people murdered, by an invading strong nation.  The UN was created to prevent this viciously stupid evil shit from happening.   Time to get on it.  

[ Mar. 11, 2022 ] - Russian Tanks and Armored Vehicles Trying to Attack Regions Near Kyiv - But the Russian invaders were driven back by Ukrainian artilery fire and special assault technology.  The Russian audio conversations were monitored, and there is indication that the Russian regiment commander was killed.   Airborne monitoring devices (drones) recorded part of the battle, and it was published by Ukrainian military and uploaded to Youtube.  This is *not* Hungary in 1956 and it is *not* Prague in 1968.    And Ukraine is very much, not Iraq.


The Ukrainian lands look so much like Canada, that it is disturbing.  We see gas stations, shot up and tanks burning on 6-lane highways.   It looks like our homeland.    We find this Russian invasion to be the most outrageous act of military abuse that we have ever seen.  Imagine invading formations of heavily armed tanks trying to move down the Gardiner Expressway into Toronto, perhaps coming from a United States that has collapsed into a full civil-war.  This is just insane.   Russia should withdraw all it's forces now, before this spirals further (because it will, for sure, if they do not...)

Even if Putin's invading Russian military kill everyone in Ukraine, the spirited defense that the brave Ukrainian military is showing the world, will live forever in history.    The Ukrainians are showing courage and fighting spirit equal to the Spartans at Thermopylae in 480 BC, or the early Texans at the Alamo, in 1836.

The next step is probably to take this war to the invader's homelands.   Putin wants a war, and it is perhaps time for the World, to give him one.   Rather than just not buying their blood-oil, perhaps specific efforts could be directed towards Russian oil terminals and shipping facilities, airfields, weapons factories and missile launch sites. 

World War Three has actually begun.   Chatterbots and nonsense-talk and disinformational lies will not alter the facts on the ground.  What Putin is doing, is a perfect crime against all humanity, and it must be ended, by removing Putin and his Moscow gangsters by any means possible. 

The real President of Russia is Alexi Navalny.   Or someone in the United Russia Party.  Putin is no longer the legitimate, lawful leader of Russia.   He is just a common criminal who has carried out illegal mass-murder.

[ Mar. 10, 2022 ] - "World War III has likely already begun." - This was billionaire investor Bill Ackman's comments, and our research efforts quietly confirm this fact.   This will be a war like no other in history - but make no mistake, it is a full-on war now, and it has already started.  The deliberate shelling of a hospital in Ukraine's south, shows the focused, and direct intent of the Russian Terror Campaign in Ukraine.  The World is now at war with a nuclear-armed terrorist entity.   To our complete surprise - Russia has collapsed into being a terrorist Police State on par with ISIS and Hitler's Germany of the 1940's.   


The Russian people are not evil - and many thousands have been arrested and imprisoned for protesting this absurd and insane military-terrorist action.  

But we believe Ackman to be correct, in his judgement.

[ Mar. 9, 2022 ] - Crossroads War Crime - Astonishing security camera footage, of Ukrainian woman in car, stopping, and be shot by a Russian tank.  The use of thermo-baric exploding rounds is interesting.  The car first explodes and then implodes - one can see that the tires get shredded.  Most interesting.   This video proves that Russian tankmen were (are) explicitly targeting civilians.   The Ukrainian land and this tragic atrocity  looks so much like Canada landscape, and the Canadian countryside, that it is difficult for us as analysts and researchers to watch.   It shows the perfect nightmare monster that is now Russia.   This will go down in history as the "Crossroads War Crime".   If the world survives the coming "nuclear winter", teachers will show this video in schools, to show how the "Great War Against Evil", began.


This "Putin War" is the most curious and astonishing atrocity we have ever seen.  In 15 days, Vladimir Putin has effectively destroyed Russia's economy and it's future, as his weirdly horrific monster military have committed mass-murder in Ukraine.   And for what gain?  To prove that they are the most evil monsters on planet Earth?   It's like our World has been attacked by murdering Martians or something.  As if inside Putin is a horrific monster made from a large, crawling worm.

This is truly the stupidest thing we have ever seen in our lives.  One of our analysts says simply that:  "Putin should kill himself.   He honestly might commit suicide, as a way out of this horror show.  He could 'go to God', and ask for forgiveness for being so foolish, violent and needlessly cruel."   This of course, assumes that the man still has some shred of honour remaining in his soul, which we now doubt.

His removal will take direct effort by honourable people, as he is without any honour at all.

[ Mar. 8, 2022 ] - Ukrainian Military Says: "Our Aim is True"  Here is a video, released by Ukrainian Military, of invading Russian Mi-24 helicopter gunship, flying low to avoid detection, March 5th.   This did not save the murdering invaders on board.


Footage was imaged from a aerial reconnaissance platform.  You might need to use this link:


Ukraine needs some Mig-29's.  Let's make damn sure they get them real soon.   And maybe the French could offer some Exocet's, for use in the Black Sea.

Escalate to de-escalate.  It's the only way.   Look it up.

[ Mar. 7, 2022 ] - Never Mind NATO.  It's Now Time for the UN to Act - Imagine if a group of bandits, 20 or 25 heavily armed, that were shooting up your farm property, and had set your barn on fire, and killed your daughter, and she was lying dead in the driveway.   You call the police, and they tell you:  "No, we can't come.  But we will turn off the VISA cards of the bandits who are attacking you, since we know their names.  We can try to send you some guns and ammo, maybe also.   Bye bye."

This is what USA and NATO are doing, basically.   It's absurd and idiotic.   If the United Nations is to survive, and not be just another sad historical footnote of failure, as the worthless "League of Nations" was, then it must now act.

Forget about NATO.  A Joint Force of Australians, Canadians, Japanese and British forces - with maybe some assistance from France, Germany and Poland, can simply move directly into Ukraine, and begin assistive military operations against the invading bandit force.   If Putin launches any nuclear weapons, than that means the USA can (and must) destroy all Russian military sites - completely - with it's nuclear weapons.   Putin knows this.

If Putin orders a nuclear strike against Europe or USA or Canada or anywhere, then we will just have to suggest that this would be unwise.   Note that Hitler NEVER used poison gas - not because he was trying to be a nice guy  - simple because he KNEW if he used gas, then England would use poison gas on German cities also.  Neither side used poison gas in World War Two.

The whole "Risk of Nuclear Armageddon"  is nonsense.     Neither side will launch nuclear.

But direct action now must be taken to assist Ukraine with direct military help.

This is the explicit responsibility of EVERY nation that is a member of the United Nations.  Ukraine has been a member of the Unitied Nations since it's beginning.   What Putin's bandit terrorist army is doing is insane and unacceptable.

Economic sanctions are both insufficient response, and unwise, since they will only hurt ordinary Russians.  Putin has already used them to strengthen himself, and the power of his personal gangster elite.

This madness must be DIRECTLY stopped by direct military intervention, by United Nations forces.  This has NOTHING AT ALL to do with NATO, which can simply stand by wait and watch.  But it requires a DIRECT UNITED NATIONS response now - regardless of what the chattering Americans say.   Maybe America can help, and maybe it will not.  Their leader-people are old, and seem to be confused and timid. 

A useful thing America could do, would be to arrest and imprison Donald Trump, for the murder of that Iranian General.  

America could send a message to the World, that death-squad style murders and the use of military forces to carry out gangland-style hits, is not acceptable use of national defense forces.

We *must* now bring back rule-of-law to international relations, before it is completely lost.

The assault on Ukraine is COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.   Those people are us, and we are them.   Their deaths are killing us.

Time for the United Nations to take direct, military action to assist a member-State that is under direct, illegal attack by murderous bandit forces acting in a terrorist capacity to attempt to destroy a legally-elected nation government.


Just trying to turn off Russian people's VISA cards, and offering the victims some military materiel, is not a sufficient response.   Economic sanctions just make people poor.  They do NOT STOP anything.

The invading, aggressor military forces, acting in a terrorist capacity to destroy a national government, must be opposed - and destroyed using direct, military action.  No action from NATO is required.   Perhaps South Africa and Argentina and Phillipeans - and other smaller UN member States - could contribute some military forces.  Maybe Norway and Sweden could contribute forces and equipment.

The idea that we simply have to stand aside and watch the Ukrainians get their cities shelled by Russian killers, and not come to help them, is a curious form of absolute madness.  It must be corrected, or "World War Three" is *certain* to begin, as other nations emulate this Russian gangster political model.

[ Mar. 6, 2022 ] - We Are Very Close to The Point of No Return - The idiotic lies and nonsense that Russia's Putin is spouting about the "nazification" of Ukraine shows clearly that the man may have just lost his mind - and seems to be wanting to make Russia become as insane also.   What is curious, is how effective the fear campaign in Russia has become, and how successful this absurd, great fraud has been.   No one can or will risk opposing Putin publically, despite *many* Russians believing the Putin War is tragic madness.  It will reduce Russia to real poverty, and destroy a neighbouring democratic nation.    To think that any benefit of any kind will result from this, is delusional madness of the very first order.

And the curious unwillingness of the United States or NATO  to actively assist democratic Ukraine, shows how deeply unwise the current crop of leaders in much of our world currently are.   

Direct economic warfare with Russia has already begun.  It will not end until Russia is fundamentally changed and Putin is taken down, destroyed, and his insane warfare stops.

The United Nations has curiously failed - rather absolutely  - as an organization.   It appears sadly worthless, just as the old talk-shop, the "League of Nations" was.  

This is not the first crisis the UN has faced since it was created.  But this one may destroy it.  It has not been able to do anything to prevent or stop the complete invasion and murderous military subjegation of an entire European nation, by a nuclear-armed, more powerful neighbour.  This is a tragic, absolute failure.

We have now effectively reached the point, where Europe and possibly North America also, will have to "escalate in order to de-escalate".   But if the leaders of the nation-states of Europe and North America continue to stand aside - we can safely predict that two outcomes will take place:  Firstly, a real recognition will be accepted by most people, that a new crop of political people will be needed - in virtually every Western country.   And secondly, the Russia Problem will define the political calculus in the West for the next several years - perhaps decades.

Armed conflict with Russia - at some point in the future - is now an absolute certainty.   We may have to wait 10 years, or maybe only 10 months  (or ten days?) - or, it may be ten decades.   But the current situation, where a Gangster State with over 2000 tactical and strategic nuclear weapons can carry out murder campaigns of this scale, and not be directly challenged or confronted, is simply not viable.

If the Western nation-states do not confront this problem, and deal with it now, then they will have to deal with it in the future, and the costs and extent of the actions needed to neutralize a murderous, nuclear-armed Russian terror state, will be of a vastly greater scale.

Simply put - we can stop this illegal military madness now, with a firm response.  We need only destroy an abusive and murderous (and small) Russian army, on non-Russian land.   But if nothing is done to assist the Ukrainian nation, and their country falls back to being a slave-state of Russian bandits and criminal overlords, then the eventual outcome will be major war with Russia that will risk the destruction of Russian cities - and European cities as well.   This is virtually a certainty.   

The weapons of choice may not necessarily be nuclear.  They may be different - perhaps bio-weapons or virus-agents or genetically-designed insects that carry disease and infect crops or food and water supplies.   We may be looking at a new 100-years of war, that goes on without end, for decades or even centuries.

It *MUST* be illegal for a strong nation to invade a weaker, smaller nation, and try to destroy it, as Russia is now doing to Ukraine.   Otherwise, *all* nations will simply have to militarize - and to an extreme and unlimited degree.   Every nation will have to develop a real plan to deal with the "Ukraine Scenario" - murderous invasion by a powerful, nuclear-armed neighbour.

Economic sanctions are wildly insufficient.  We predict they will have essentially no effect on Putin and will likely just play into his false narative, and strengthen his ability to control and destroy any opposition to his actions.   They will not achieve any positive result, we suspect.

Russian forces *must* be removed from Ukraine, under penalty of a massive bombing campaign carried out by every civilized nation, if they do not comply.  Forget about NATO.   NATO be damned.   NATO is not important, and it is not the key here.  This is just banditry, and if it is allowed to take place, without the other democratic nations assisting Ukraine, then all nations are put at extreme risk, and civilized world-order has simply ended.    And that fact will provoke a massive, permenant retrograde change in national thinking and planning, in every nation.

If Ukraine falls, Russia does not "win".  The whole Free World simply loses, Russia becomes poor and hated for the next 100 years, and every single nation will have to begin the process of actively removing "peace-talker" weak leaders, and replace them with strong, hard, focused warrior-leaders, and will have to initiate crash programs of extreme weapons-development.   The civil order that has prevailed since the end of World War Two, will have ended, and we will begin a long cycle of endless conflict and growing, unfocused, global hatred.

If you doubt this - just watch and see what happens.

It would be better to risk escalation (escalate to de-escalate) now, by smashing Russian invading forces in Ukraine, than wait until we have to take out Russian cities and harbours and factories, with massive bombing campaigns ( as was needed in World War Two, for example).

If the world allows Russia to succeed in it's Ukraine terror campaign, un-opposed by anyone but Ukrainian folks, then that is a much bigger escalation, which will likely destroy all Europe eventually - and perhaps even North America.

[ Mar. 5, 2022 ] - Open-Source War - It is pretty much impossible now to keep ugly, dangerous secrets.  And if your war or business model requires that a group of people keep a big secret, you will likely find your plans have high likelyhood of - if not failure -  then veering off rapidly into wildly unpredictable directions & results.

FD: We went long in the AM on Friday, because our best model went from down to flatline.  WHen that happens, it often means a hard (and fast) reversal.  We saw a tiny bit of that yesterday, and ended - with positions on (all in) and comfortably in the black. 

Very strange - and a tad unexpected, for me the human.  I acquired something from Troy, just to climb another learning curve.  Long discussions with a fellow from a firm close to the Centre, here in our northern wildland.  Still can't confirm if we are using the plasma things, but wow, it is getting weird.  If Putin attacks any NATO-land countries, we will automatically, based on treaty obligations, be at full-on war with the Russian Federation.   No guff.  And then - do we fry their aircraft?  If their military stuff all just stops working - do they go ape-shit, and just blindly launch? 

Our medical research suggests Putin has been using anabolic steroids for maybe over 30 years, and also probably HGH (human growth hormone), as well as some other newer med-tech, which can have seriously unclear long-term side-effects.   The side-effect every steriod-use case study seems to suggest, is the "roid-rage" phenomenon, and doctor's already caution that the hardcore boost to muscle-building due to testosterone-replacement, explicitly increases a willingness to take outsized risks, and also increases male aggressive behaviour.  

A lot of the weird, over-the-top behaviour seems to be explainable by chemical-induced action, combined with the natural psychological and physical effects of male aging process.  (Putin was born in 1952, and will soon turn 70 years old.)   All guys get a bit weird at this age - more sensitive and also more easy to anger.   Putin has no one anywhere to tell him he is being insanely self-destructive, like an out-of-control medieval king, in so many ways.  He has no wife, and no friends to tell him he is killing the future of Russia.

Our policy people perhaps want to be careful not to assume that economic sanctions will have much effect.   As we already cautioned - and has now been demonstrated by the explicit criminalization of free-speech in Russia - he can and will turn the sanctions into simple strategies that will allow him to assert explicit (and crazy dangerous) personal control of the actions of the Russian State.    We consider this to be a very bad outcome and situation.

The arrest and imprisonment - on bogus, trumped-up charges - of Alexi Navalny, should have warned us all that Russia was already wildly off the rails of rational and fair, legal procedure.   And all the things that many Putin critics have asserted, have been confirmed.

It would be best if the Russian military simply arrested him, and handed him over to the European Court of Justice, for trial for using the Russian Defense Forces for personal, political purposes.

The policy advisors and leaders of the Free World should communicate this idea, and suggest that if this action were taken, the sanctions that have been applied could be quickly lifted, and economic assistance would be given to both sides to repair the tragic damage that has been done.

The Free World should also communicate that failure to address the Putin Problem, risks serious global warfare, and unlimited, **automatic** military escalation, which soon each side will find difficult to control.  We know this, as this is what happened in both World War One and World War Two.   After major illegal actions & invasions took place, the whole world was **automatically** and irreversably at war.

And each time, many millions of lives were lost - and also purposefully destroyed.

It would be ***very wrong*** to interpret the Free World's lack of immediate action, as a characteristic of weakness.   We have confirmed (it turns out) that this restraint is a direct result of our common knowledge of just how automatic (and destructive), a modern global war, is certain to be.

Russia needs to withdraw from Ukraine, and they need to do it now.  They are playing Russian Roulette with the future of the whole world, and the revolver's hammer is going to drop on that chamber with the live round in it, very soon, if they keep repeatedly pulling the trigger like they are now doing.

[ Mar. 4, 2022 ] - We Really Need to Act Here.  Others Agree.

Action - direct action to assist Ukraine is indicated.  We are already running a global war now.  Ukraine is the current front lines.  Let's recognize this clearly, and not be foolish.  This is clear and true:


The NATO forces have stood aside - but that does not mean that Europe and other nations have to.  Look at a USA 100-dollar bill.  That guy there - Ben Franklin - what did he do that was most important?  He convinced France to help small, weak USA Colony fight for it's freedom.   A fight for freedom and democracy is the requirement of every democratic, free nation.

Of course NATO officially has to say no, we are not helping:


But that does not mean the Free World has to limit it's actions to economic action.

Even Canada could send a few CF-118's, and call Putin's bluff.The current approach, where the world stands by and offers no help - is unwise.  History teaches this, very clearly.

Update-B: Just when you thought it might not get worse, of course, it does. Ukraine's largest (and Europe's largest) nuclear plant has been attacked by Russian invaders, and is burning.  (8:55 pm, Eastern Standard Time)

Putin is quite possibly a drug-damaged madman.   If the reactor explodes due to a meltdown, or a super-critical event or a Fukushima hydrogen/oxygen fireball explosion - radioactive debris and dusty fallout may drift over Europe - again.   Another Russian gift to Europe?

Are you Euro-folks going do anything now, perhaps? Perhaps now it is time to act?   Maybe it's time to come to the defense of Ukraine, call Putin's madman's bluff, and neutralize the Russian invaders?  Or will you live forever hostage to the actions of a nuclear-armed drug abuser?   

Less talk.  More action needed, perhaps.  We liked Moscow, and St. Petersburg.  There are these lovely Monet paintings at the Hermitage.   It would be a shame if those lovely Russian cities were destroyed. 

The key to avoiding bad war outcomes, is to be strong, not to be weak.  Oppose Russian crazy-bad actions now, and encourage regime-change in Russia, and we can maybe restore peace and sanity.  But sit and do nothing, and this insane ball-of-foolish-destruction will just start rolling downhill faster.   


Update-A:  More research - we believe Putin is on serious levels of anabolic steroids, and what we may be seeing has the popular term: "roid rage".    These insane assertions of "genocide" against ethnic Russian speakers is perhaps coming from this drug-related mental breakdown.   There is simply no evidence of Ukraine attacking ethnic Russian speakers.  It just appears to be a weird, made-up pretext.   This is just nuts.   Completely bonkers.  Putin has gone crazy.


A No-Fly zone must be established over Ukraine - RIGHT NOW.

This is not just our view, as analysts and scientists - this is also the view of wise people who know what they are doing.  If the United States does not assist in this effort, it has failed Europe,and this will be a serious error.


There is time for talk, and a time for action.   Putin must be confronted, and if he is not, he will continue to murder.   This Ukraine Invasion is illegal.  It is the reason that the United Nations and NATO exist - to counter this kind of insane threat.  If Putin launches a nuclear weapon, then we simply must respond.

But Russia's nuclear arsenal must not be used to hold the World hostage to the grim dictates of a madman.

The time for action is NOW.  If USA will not assist, then it falls to UK, France and Germany to act as one single entity, and do the job.

Putin is reportedly crafting a plan to shell his own towns in the border with Ukraine, and use this as a pretext to significantly escalate the war.  US defense intelligence knows this, and now so does everyone else.  

You cannot keep secrets anymore, and you cannot lie like Lavrov and Putin do, and expect to be believed.

The Putin War in Ukraine is our war.   It must be fought successfully.  Now.

People who know about this in detail, say the same things as we do.

Economics - as of March 4th, 2022:

 ************      **** Full Disclosure ****

We have five different models, and they are all pointing down.  Seriously.   We liquidated positions in our trading portfolio. 

We suggest that one review the comments by Mohamed El-Erian, a fellow who guided us all wisely thru the 2008 USA Housing-Bubble/Financial Crisis.  His short note was found on the Bloombergquint site.  He makes a very good series of points.  He says the market cannot escape this Putin War in Ukraine, and we believe he is correct.   The current bullish frisky action of the market, is not healthy, and we believe it bodes badly for the future.


If Ukraine is defeated, then Putin will be even more dangerous than he is now.

This Russian criminal action must be stopped now, by whatever means are necessary.

Failure to act with focus and clarity, will cost the World it's future peace and security.   Just study history of Europe, if you doubt this basic truth.


Global Credit Events Possible:

We note the market seems to be wildly under-estimating the costs of the expected path of events here, and the non-quantifiable risks associated with the transition down this (most probable) possible path.

Many market participants perhaps feel they are adequately provisioned for what lies ahead.  But we are entering a world now, where roughly 1/5th of the planet has just been financially vapourized already.   All those folks that think they have CDS's and swaptions and various types of puts and such, which are going to pay-off in the case of various credit-events, (and payment-failure events) may find that they simply will not get paid.

And we have *already* played the game of ramping up the USA money supply (the global reserve currency) to many ten's of trillions of newly minted dollars, to address the Covid-19 pandemic.

What we are now programmed for is a "crash-flation" scenario, the likes of which have never really been seen.   We note there is a real possibility of wildly rising prices of some critical commodities, the collapse of demand in whole economic sectors, and payment-linkage and other credit-connected lockups occuring.  

This is not just a "big costs" scenario, this is the technical result of losing a very large chunk of the planetary economy - in a very sudden and complete way.   Russia was actually doing rather well, and things were looking pretty good.   Real wealth was being created and distributed out over their whole economy, and direct financial and trading linkages were global, and were working well.   All this is now stopped.  It's gone.   And until Putin is either removed, or he commits suicide or something like that (which we view as very unlikely), the Russian economy is now basically on Mars.   It's just been removed.

Anyone doing any business at all, with Russia, is simply not likely to get paid, unless they want to take bitcoin or physical gold or worthless Rubles, as their payment.  This sanctioned economy is off-limits, and this is simply a fact.  There is not enough money to be made, buying anything from, or selling anything to, Russia now, to justify the extreme risk of not being paid, that one would be taking on.

Look at a map of the Globe.   Russia is simply *gone* -  an actual zombie-financial entity that just died, yet still keeps trying to stagger along, howling weird nonsense.

Except this big financial zombie has nuclear weapons, and the top hairless howling zombie has threatened to use them.    This is where we are right now.

Yet the market is pretending this is not actually a problem.

We are - certain - that the market has not done an adequate job of discounting this risk.

And again, if one inspects the historical record, one sees that this is not an uncommon phenomenon.   The world gets bad leaders, the nations do very bad things, and everyone goes crazy.  The French Revolution - and the rise of Napolean is one example.  So is Hitler's rise in Germany, and Stalin's rise in Russia, and also Mao's "Cultural Revolution", in whch China destroyed the lives of an entire generation of it's young men and women.

No-one thinks the madness and the war will really happen, until the bombs start falling, buildings start burning, and people in the house next door are lying out on the street in little bloody pieces, after their house was hit.  Or have been dragged away by Gestapo blackshirts to be killed in Death Camps.  Or have been arrested by Stalin's KGB to become an "unperson" and die in a gulag.   Or hung in the "jet-plane" position by Mao's "Red Guard" monsters, and beaten to death with bamboo sticks.   Humans are able to do great harm to their own people.  This is - sadly - how human society often operates.

And by that point - with the markets closed - it is usually already too late to re-position one's trades.

We believe we found the source of Vladimir Putin's madness. He was a KGB operative when young, and worked in Germany, this we know. The KGB and the MfS was very successful at hacking and hurting any group or persons that were seen to *threaten* the GDR "Socialist" gulag-state. East-Germany was essentially a giant prison, lets be clear about this. I saw it first hand, at this timeframe. It was almost beyond human belief, that something so insane could actually exist. In order for this huge prison to exist and operate, it needed a significant and very professional group of spys and social-control operatives, to keep all free thought and expression surpressed. The KGB and the MfS were very successful at doing this, and the Mitrokhan Archive describes - in some detail - exactly how this was done, right down to very organizational details. It is amazingly educational reading. The KGB and the MfS were sophisticated, impressive machines of terror and control.

But they had - according to the detailed notes from the Mitrokhan Archive, which we believe to be accurate - one notable failure. They were quite unable to infiltrate the Ukrainian Nationalist Organization. They wrote reports about agents who tried to do this, but buried deep in notes related to Russian-German technical "tradecraft" and other terms (literally a dictionary of terms) - we found this little gem: The KGB and MfS had no success at this.

We suspect that, Putin, a high-intelligence perfectionist, is obsessed with defeating Ukrainian Nationalism, given this failure from his first real job. We all remember our first efforts - and it is the *failures* that haunt our memories, as we age and remember them.

We suspect this early failure, has become an "idée fixe" for Vladimir Putin, and that he is determined to crush Ukrainian Nationalism at all costs, because he sees it as a personal failure. This makes him both very ill, and very dangerous.

See: https://www.britannica.com/art/idee-fixe

And: https://digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org/document/112824

This also explains Putin's curious conflation of "Nazi-ism" and the honest, obvious desire Ukrainians have for national self-determination. For Putin's now badly warped mind, "Nazi-ism" and "Ukrainian Nationalism" are the same thing, as both were direct targets of KGB & MfS operatives. Each were "enemies of Socialism". This offers explaination how Putin can make the obviously insane assertion, that a Jewish President Zelenskiy of Ukraine is somehow a "Nazi".

We believe there is a high probability that Putin is in the intermediate stages of a senile dementia, exacerbated by long use of anabolic steroids, and is determined to correct the embarrassing failures of his youthful work, even if it means the destruction of the impressive Russian economic progress, and possibly the Russian State itself.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a criminal act, on par with the worst actions of Hitler and Stalin.

The military machinery of the nations of this World, should be committed immediately to neutralize this illegal aggression, as it both violates Ukrainian sovereignty, and also emboldens an extremely dangerous madman.

We must not wait. Call it a: "police action". There is critical work needed, right now.

Russia has used BM-21 launchers, mounted on Ural-375 6x6 trucks against the civilians in Kharkiv. These can fire up to 40 high-explosive rockets within 30 seconds. They are an effective, lethal, low-tech weapon of mass-murder, especially when used against civilian populations. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal of the most extreme. The Ukrainian Military is fighting hard, and with no direct military help from any other nation, to defend it's Democracy. They deserve our support and assistance. Here are some suggestions:


It is Vladimir Putin and his gangster elite that is making this ugly war on Ukrainian and European Democracy.

Putin is now as dangerous as Hitler was, and he must be neutralized immediately. No business with ANY Russian entities should be allowed, by anyone on this planet, until Russian military forces have been withdrawn from Ukraine.

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