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Who we are...

GEMESYS Ltd. is a  management consultancy, which provides research and analysis services.  We are based near Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada.   We are also engaged in research into several areas and phenomenon with a view to the determination of scientific accuracy and economic feasibility.  

We also developed some "Helper-AI" machines to assist with the investment process, and with other economics-driven agency efforts.  This is an area that modern behavioural economics has clearly shown to be quite problematic for even intelligent human beings to navigate successfully.  Loss-aversion keeps investors sidelined when they should engage, and the seductive fraud of "hope" ensures they typically retain losing positions long after wisdom would dictate they disengage.  One of the early successes of neural-networks was predicting applicant loan-loss likelyhood for bank loan-officers.  Other tools, such as automated portfolio construction have been equally successful.  With the increased availability of large, accurate datasets, we believe that this big-data, linked with "Helper AI's" will become a commonplace technology in the next decade.  We have long had a focus on research and product development in this area.

We also do direct economic analysis, and business evaluations.  

- Mark Langdon,  Senior Consultant & Director, GEMESYS Ltd.

  You can reach me at gemesyscanada <at> gmail <dot> com. 

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